Cleaning Services London – Professional Cleaners Company

Cleaning Services London – Professional Cleaners Company

Quick cleaning provides best cleaning services in London, we offer professional and affordable cleaning services wherever and whenever you need it. Our reputation precedes us as we work long and hard to achieve the desired results.

Steam Cleaning

Our team of experts will use the latest steam machines to deep clean your carpets.

House Cleaning

We will clean your home from top to bottom making it dazzle.

Office Cleaning

Our crew is capable of handling small businesses as well as large corporate offices.

Carpet cleaning

We will pre-treat soiled areas and remove allergens, dirt, stains and pet odours.

Room Cleaning

We will vacuum, dust, wipe and mop as requested, including windows and baseboards.

Hotel Cleaning

Big or small we are up for the task; our efficient crew has a good eye for detail.

Best Cleaning Services London

Professional Cleaners

We pride ourselves in being good at what we do and therefore go to great lengths to train our cleaning crew so that they are courteous, efficient and professional at all times.

We offer same day cleaning services, which means that our cleaning teams can be dispatched to your premises within 2 hours of the booking and we use eco-friendly cleaning materials and methods which do not pose a risk to the environment or those present. As our motto states, we eliminate germs one square footage at a time.

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Our Clients

We are dedicated, energetic and we genuinely care about the responsibility entrusted to us. We never complete a task until the customer is satisfied and gives us their seal of approval.

Number ONE in London

We are the premier cleaning company in the city and are known for delivering flawless commercial and domestic cleaning services at competitive prices.

Fast Cleaning 90%
Happy Clients 95%
Finishing 99%
Friendly Customer Services 95%

What is a Professional Cleaning Services?

A professional cleaning service, as the name so aptly suggests are professionals who offer cleaning services to private and commercial spaces. Think in terms of a team of experts who have been specifically trained in keeping spaces spotlessly clean and bright. A professional cleaning services is not just trained for keeping your home clean, they are equipped with sophisticated chemicals, natural treatments, and equipment to cater to all your needs. Whether you want to clean just a single room in your home or your entire villa, whether you want to clean the carpets and upholstery in your home or your entire corporate office, all you need to do is hire a professional cleaning services.

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Benefits of Using a Professional Cleaning Services

A common myth regarding professional cleaning services is that they tend to be expensive. However, the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service far outnumber its cost.

Here’s why you should spend the extra penny for hiring a professional cleaning service:

A professional cleaning service cleans your surroundings in the most efficient way possible. They use advanced cleaning agents, powerful vacuum machines, strong steaming equipment, and potent disinfectants to ensure that your home is both spotlessly clean as well as free from allergens, pathogens, and dust.

Cleaning a home or office is not as simple as it seems. One needs to take utmost care while cleaning. Don’t we all dread damaging the delicate upholstery, fragile showpieces, or exquisite carpets while cleaning? Hire professional cleaners not just for your home but also to clean your expensive leather jackets, antique Turkish rugs, and woolen coats.

Hiring a professional cleaner helps you save precious time and energy. It offers you the opportunity of using your time and energy in other more productive avenues. Use your extra time to finish off your pending assignment, go to the gym, catch up on your favourite show on Netflix, spend a romantic evening with your spouse, or simply relax at home with a cup of coffee and an interesting novel!

Several professional cleaners offer round-the-clock services. So now you can plan to hire their services according to your plan and schedule. Gone are the days when you had to plan your day according to your cleaner’s schedule.

Are you apprehensive of having a complete stranger in your home? Worried about the safety of hiring professional cleaning services? Fret no longer. A reputed professional cleaning service undertakes in-depth background checks before employing their staff.

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Professional Cleaning Services in London by Quick Cleaning

Are you looking for a professional cleaning service that is efficient yet affordable? In search of a professional cleaning services that ensures your home is as clean as a new pin? Your search for a professional cleaning service ends here.

Quick Cleaning Services, Professionals at Your Doorstep

As one of London’s leading professional cleaning services, Quick Cleaning Services offers a team of expert professionals at your doorstep within just two hours of booking.

Quick Cleaning Service is one of the few professional cleaning services in London ensure a sparkling clean and hygienic home by using eco-friendly cleaning materials that are gentle to both the environment as well as to you.

Professional Cleaning Services Offered by Quick Cleaning

Quick Cleaning is your one-stop-shop for all your professional cleaning requirements.  It brings to your doorstep comprehensive cleaning solutions, more than just mopping, dusting, and scrubbing to keep your surroundings clean.

Quick Cleaning offers expertise in removing stubborn grease, sticky grime, and tough dirt from homes, offices, as well as industrial spaces. Quick Cleaning uses heat technology coupled with state-of-the-art machines for superior dirt removal.

Whether you live in a large studio or a tiny city loft, it is difficult to keep your living space spic and span especially if you are a student or working through the day. Quick Cleaning is renowned for room cleaning services that go beyond the regular cleaning. Call them for a range of services like—

  • Making the bed and changing the linen
  • Picking up clothes and folding them
  • Cleaning the furniture and carpets
  • Disinfecting the bathroom.

Don’t we all dread cleaning our carpets after a bad storm? Carpet cleaning for pet owners can truly be a nightmare. If you own an antique silk carpet, its time to book Quick Cleaning.

Depending on the type of carpet, Quick Cleaning experts will offer pet odour removal, dry carpet cleaning, and steam carpet cleaning.

Office cleaning requires professional cleaners who do their work without disturbing the office staff. Quick Cleaning professionals work discreetly in the background or at schedules that work for your employees. 

From cleaning entrance foyers, elevators, stairs, washrooms and other common areas to vacuuming and disinfecting cubicles, washing windows and doors, and even collecting your office garbage.

A clean home is a healthy home. Quick Clean’s professional cleaning crew will clean your home to perfection. They offer every possible cleaning service like mopping, dusting, and vacuuming and each and every corner of your home. Add to that the bonus convenience of cleaning and disinfecting toilets, bathrooms, and all electronic equipment.

Vacating your rental space in London can be quite a nightmare due to the extensive end of tenancy cleaning that it asks for. Quick Clean are proven experts with in-depth knowledge about the intricate cleaning requirements including a detailed checklist. Rely on them to ensure that every nook and corner of your place is flawlessly clean.

Why is Quick Cleaning best for Professional Cleaning Services in London?

Quick Cleaning offers comprehensive professional cleaning services for not only end of tenancy cleaning and residential spaces but also for commercial spaces including hotels and offices as well.


Why is Quick Cleaning best for Professional Cleaning Services in London?

Quick Cleaning is considered to be one of the best professional cleaning services in London. So, what is it that has earned them this coveted “Number One” tag?

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Satisfied Clients:

Along with happy domestic clients, Quick Cleaning has a growing list of satisfied corporate clients including companies like Apple Store at Covent Garden, Wickes, Uretek, Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward, and one of London’s leading estate management companies—hmlshaw.

Super Statistics: Nothing speaks louder than numbers. Here are some statistics to prove their happy and satisfied clientele:

  • 99% Finishing the tasks
  • 95% Happy client rate
  • 95% Friendly customer services
  • 90% Fast cleaning

Comprehensive Professional Cleaning Services Checklist

It is every office manager’s nightmare to have their offices cleaned. Quick Cleaning’s professional staff has special expertise in cleaning commercial spaces with finesse albeit without disturbing the office staff. Their quick service means that you can ensure a spotlessly clean office in almost no time. Also, they match their cleaning schedule to suit your office schedule. Complete freedom from pesky cleaning professionals while you prepare your important report!

Our Office Cleaning Checklist Includes,

  • Cleaning cabinets
  • Cleaning dust in desk surfaces
  • Empty the waste bins
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Mopping the floors
  • Wiping Computers & all office gadgets and many more….

Using eco-friendly cleaning supplies and advanced heat technology for optimum cleaning of stubborn and difficult to remove grease, and grime for both residences as well as industries.

Wide range of carpet cleaning techniques like dry carpet cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, stain removal, and even pet odour removal.

While most professional cleaners are willing to offer their services to bigger spaces, Quick Cleaning offers a Room cleaning service especially for smaller spaces. This service is ideal for students and youngsters who are too preoccupied to clean their living space. Quick Cleaning will do all the chores that you so despise doing, including folding your clothes, changing your bed linen, and even disinfecting your bathroom.

While you may clean your home every day, rubbing vigorously with a mop, dusting away the hidden corners, but is your home really pathogen free? Imagine a professional cleaner who disinfects your remote controls, toys, and doorknobs! Quick Cleaning will keep your kitchen sparkling clean and will even deodorize your microwave with warm lemon water. Everything from your kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinet, and toy cabinet, to hallways, entrances, and bathrooms will be as good as new.

Quick Cleaning is a one-stop-shop for giving your hotel a clean and sparkling makeover. Their expert team works discreetly without disturbing hotel guests and ensures that each room is refreshingly clean. Each and every space of your hotel including the lobby, elevators, kitchen, spa, play zone, and restrooms too.

Our Review

We are dedicated, energetic and we genuinely care about the responsibility entrusted to us. We never complete a task until the customer is satisfied and gives us their seal of approval.

I would recommend Quick Cleaning in a heartbeat! Their prices are super affordable and in my opinion well worth the investment!


They are very efficient, they managed to remove a horrific wine stain on our living room carpet! Thank you Quick Cleaning!


I was very impressed with how they cleaned my house, the staff were friendly and they knew how to get rid of pet odours.


Quick Cleaning Services London - FAQ

1. How do I find cleaners in London?

In London if you are looking for a best professional cleaner, Then Quick Cleaning Services is the best choice for you. Quick Cleaning Services in London offers all kind of cleaning services at the very affordable price.

2. How much is a cleaner per hour in London?

In London, cost for the cleaning services may vary based on different factors. Normally, the price range of the cleaner starts from £10/hr (T&C Apply). If you hire the cleaning company like Quick Cleaning Services for regular work, then the price will even be less.

3. How much does it cost to clean a house UK?

To clean a house in UK, the cost may be £15/hr (T&C Apply). If you are looking to hire a professional for regular house cleaning, then Quick Cleaning Services will be the right choice for you. Quick Cleaning Services offers house cleaning at very best price.

4. What services does a cleaning company offer?

Quick Cleaning Services in London offers all kind of cleaning services like house cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning services, steam cleaning services, deep cleaning services, hotel cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, office cleaning services, etc.

5. How often you should hire a cleaning company?

You can hire a cleaning company when you need. If you need a regular cleaning services, then you can hire the professional cleaners from Quick Cleaning Services, So our professional cleaners will come to your place regularly for cleaning.

6. How do you find a private cleaner in London?

If you are looking for a private cleaner in London for your home or office space, You can contact Quick Cleaning Services in team. We have a team of trusted and reliable cleaners who can help you with regular professional cleaning services.

7. Quick Cleaning Services available in weekends?

Yes, Quick Cleaning Services are available in Weekends too. If you need the cleaning service at the weekends may be after a party, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional cleaners will reach your doorstep and will do the cleaning job for you.

8. How to find the best cleaning company in London?

Finding the best cleaning company in London is not a big task. Get in touch with the best professional cleaners like Quick Cleaning Services and you will get all you need. Team of professional cleaners will reach your place and do the job for you.

9. How to book Quick Cleaning Services for Home cleaning?

Online booking is available !!! visit our website and you got our services along with the booking portal. You can also book our service on a phone call.

10. Does Quick Cleaning charges extra for outdoor cleaning?

Yes!! At Quick cleaning, we charge separately for the outdoor cleaning. outdoor cleaning includes patio cleaning, garden cleaning, driveway cleaning, etc. so, we consider outdoor cleaning as a separate service.

11. What do 2 hours cleaning covers?

Mostly 2 hours of cleaning services might differ from the price range. Our quick cleaning team will cover all basic cleaning in 2 hours.

12. How fast cleaners reach the client’s place?

Once your booking is done, our professional team will reach your place within an hour by using GPS location tracking.

13. How long does a Tenancy clean take?

A standard cleaner will take a whole day to finish tenancy cleaning. In quick cleaning we have a special team for the end of tenancy cleaning, our team will finish tenancy cleaning in 6 hours.

14. What cleaning products do Quick Cleaning use?

We are more concentrated on cleaning products, almost we use natural and chemical-free cleaning products for the cleaning process. In addition to that, we won’t repeat the used cleaning tools for the next booking.

15. Does Quick Cleaning is insured?

Yes, we are insured!! Hiring an insured cleaning company like quick cleaning services is the best way to protect your belongings from any damages.

16. Does Quick Cleaning team members are well experienced?

Our professional teams are well experienced in all kinds of cleaning. All members are individually certified cleaners who have a wide knowledge of the cleaning industry.

Quick Cleaning Services London

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