DIY Cleaning Hacks to have a spa like bathroom in the home

To have a spa like experience in home

Everyone likes to spend free hours in their favorite spa for relaxation and refreshment. Someone doesn’t find enough time to go to the spas and sometime the money will be the reason to stop them from going to the spas.

We have some amazing hacks to make your bathroom more stunning like your favorite spas. So, then you can have the feel of the same luxurious experience in your own home and no need to spend your money on every bath. This saves your time and you can now relax in your own house without letting outside.

Choose a focal point for a deep clean in the bathroom and ensure the perfect layout for your bathroom by arranging all the things perfectly.

Cleaning ways  

cleaning your Tub first


spa like bath tub after cleaning

start your cleaning process with your tub, a bathtub is the area all would like to spend more time, but if you found any dust or gunk your mood of relaxation will affects. So, deep clean your tub to get more relaxation.

With the help of some citrus solution, you can start scrubbing your tub, make sure to use no – chemical solution for the cleaning process otherwise the toxin smells from the chemical cleaning agents will mix with the bathwater and it affects your mood. So, clean with some natural products like baking soda, salt, and lemons.

Treat your tub with citrus and salt to give the fresh look, you can also use a mild soapy agent for deep cleaning. It makes a ceramic tub to look like a brand new one.

Clutter-Free for Neat Storage

Everyone likes to store the essential things around the bathroom sink. So, make sure to clean that space and clutter-free.  Arrange all your skin products and lotions in the lower rack and your bath towels in the upper rack to give the neat spacious look. For the towels, you can pick white color for the royal and rich look.

Concentrate on sink

The next attractive thing in your bathroom is a sink. Make sure to clean your sink every day.  Use baking soda and white vinegar to clean the stains. For the long-lasting stains, you can use salt as a scrubber. Even toothpaste works as a great cleaning agent for the sink area.

DIY cleaning Hacks for bathroom

Shower Flooring

To get the spa-like effect you must concentrate on your bath flooring. Mostly for the shower flooring, the standard format is wooden flooring. Wooden flooring adds an extra royal look to your bath space. Use can use a mild soapy solution to get rid of any stains. You can use baking soda to eliminate the mildew and molds created by the shampoo and shower gel.

Ceiling and lights

For a spa-like an effect you can add a filament light to the center of the ceiling and put one hanging light above the tub place it looks great. Dust your ceiling area and eliminate any webs or nest. Wipe off the dust from the lights to avoid dimming.

Empty the Trash can

The smell from the trash can will spoil your whole mood of relaxation. Make sure to empty the trashes and clean your trash can twice in a week.