Annual Cleaning Checklist for Beginners

Annual Cleaning Checklist for Beginners

Cleaning a home includes many tasks that start with dusting, window cleaning, room cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, wiping, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, terrace cleaning, and patio cleaning. some of the cleaning tasks need to be done daily, others are weekly monthly, or yearly that depends on the cleaning needs. Some people clean their entire house during the festive or celebration time. The blog is about the annual cleaning checklist for the beginners. The main advantage of annual cleaning reduces your day to day cleaning work, and it helps to maintain the new look of your house. Here we created the customized checklist that covers all the portion of your house.

You can follow this same checklist even for quarterly cleaning or six- month cleaning.

We also created a detailed checklist for daily and weekly and monthly cleaning in our previous blog. Now Let’s check about the annual cleaning checklist in detail.

Annual Cleaning Checklist for Beginners

Checklist for Annual cleaning

The annual cleaning checklist helps to reduce your cleaning job four times when compared to normal cleaning. This cleaning checklist will be suitable for all types of house cleaning process.

  • Clean out all the vents
  • wash seasonal cloths like blankets, woolen pullovers, Dining mats, etc
  • clean out the outdoor and patio areas
  • clean the garbage area
  • wash the windows screens and shower curtains
  • clean the bathroom and toiletry portions
  • clean the food storage place and kitchen cabinet
  • clean the ceiling area and ceiling properties
  • clean the carpets and rugs
  • clean the mattress and All furniture

How to make a cleaning checklist?

Before creating the checklist, you need to analyze the followings factors that guide you to make an accurate checklist for cleaning. Here we mentioned how to create a checklist for your place, whether it may be a residential or commercial place.

Annual Cleaning Checklist

  1. Places need to be cover in cleaning

List the places that need to be cover in the annual cleaning. Take time and finalize the places before a week from the scheduling date.

  1. Determine the risk factors and places to be skipped while cleaning

Some places need extra care while handling the cleaning and some places easily catch up the fires while using the steam cleaning. If possible, skip those places while cleaning. 

  1. Assign the specific tasks for specific places

List out the cleaning tasks for each place. some places need specific cleaning and specific cleaning tools like carpet are cleaned only by vacuum, mirrors are handled by the soft sponge. It’s better to note down the cleaning process for specific places before starts your cleaning process.

  1. Note down the types of cleaning and time Period

Another main thing is to note down the types of cleaning process and how long it takes to finish. It helps to prepare the checklist with proper time estimation.

  1. Who is going to handle cleaning?

The last step is to decide who is going the do the cleaning process. whether by yourself along with your house members or you going to hire any professional cleaners.