Top 10 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Top 10 Bathroom cleaning Hacks

Cleaning the bathroom is not an activity easily carried out by all. In order to maintain your bathroom as you deserve, you must handle deep cleaning in a regular routine. You should give your bathroom a minor clean twice in a week

There are a bunch of cleaning hacks that help to tackle the cleaning activity quickly. We listed some 10 master bathroom cleaning hacks you should need to know

  1. Make a checklist 

First, decide the areas you need to clean and create a checklist for the cleaning target area. So you can easily track the cleaning process and you will know exactly what you left and when you should need to take a break while cleaning. The checklist will help you to focus on the flooring area to ceiling area and also to determine the tools and cleaning supplies you need to finish your cleaning process in a successful way.

  1. Clean all mirror in Bathroom

Bathroom cleaning Hacks

A mirror is an attractive object in your Bathroom. Even small dust makes the mirror a terrible look. It’s is hard to clean a mirror without a cleaning agent. You can use a simple chemical-free method to clean your mirror-like tea bags and soft damp cloths. The tannic acid present in the tea bags eliminates all grime. Dip a tea bag in a hot water to get the tea extract and allow the soft cloth to absorb then rub it on the mirror. Let the mirror to dry to get the new glimpse look.

  1. Toilet area

Keep cleaning your toilet bowl gives rise to the cleaning bathroom. Even the mineral from the water gets deposited in your toilet bowl and it creates a long-lasting stain. Pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda solution and let it sit for 30 mins and rinse to get rid of stains and dirt.

  1. Shower Head / Tap Head

Your showerhead needs some attention to cleaning. Vinegar will help you in this process, remove your shower head and drop it into the tub filled with vinegar. Soak it for an hour and rinse well to get the brand new shower head.

  1. Flooring 

Now give attention to your flooring to eliminate the stains and soap deposit from your bathroom flooring. Sprinkle some baking soda along with mild dishwashing powder on the flooring for an hour and then with the help of scrub, gently rub the area to eliminate all terms of dirt and then rin

  1. Bathroom Tub

Also, concentrate your bathroom tub in a regular routine. Always replace the water in your tub in a regular routine.

  1. Grout Area

If you found grout lines look dirty, allow it for the deep bleach clean. Rub some quantity of bleach between the tiles and allow it to sit overnight and rinse.

  1. Sink

hacks for bathroom cleaning

The sink area also needs special care. Regular cleaning keeps your sink to look like a newly bought. Pour some coca-cola to your sink and let if for Overnight to rid of sink wastes.

  1. Hard stains

To treat hard strains, follow the handmade tips, like vinegar and baking soda and rub it with the help of hand duster to eliminate the stains deposited in the bathroom area.

  1. Clean the wall

Finally, clean your interior and exterior wall with the help of microfiber cloth and a smooth damp cloth.