Best Toilet cleaning Hacks you need to know

Toilet cleaning hacks

Here we collected some toilet cleaning tips that help to manage the cleaning process by yourself without hiring any cleaning services. We tried some experiments and research to find the best hacks that work to clean the toilet.

we tried some strange toilet tips that work for many years and this will be conform the hacks will surprise you all at the end of the cleaning process

clean, Fix and maintain your Toilet Area

Use Coca-Cola

DIY cleaning Hacks for Toilet


Coco-cola is a favorite beverage for many people, and it works as a cleaning agent. The carbonate acid found in the drink can eliminate the stains, build-up, and rust in your toilet and sink.

Pour a tin of coco-cola in to your toilet bowl and leave it to soaks the whole bowl for an hour.

After an hour you can see the magic of clearance, for heavy stains leave it for some more hours.

Gently scrub the area with a toilet brush to eliminate the stains.

Use Pumice Stone as scrub

Get a pumice stone from the market, usually, everyone uses this stone for the purpose of a pedicure. Give a try for the toilet it makes your toilet bowl clean in a minute. This acts as a scrubbing tool for the toilet bowl and it prevents scratches.

Before using the pumice stone, spilled some baking soda on the surface and leave it for 5 minutes.

Now start scrub the stains gently with the pumice stone, then rinse the toilet bowl by flushing.


DIY cleaning for clean  Toilet

Use White Vinegar

Many people use a bleaching solution to clean the toilet bowl to threat the germs. Try to use s cup of white vinegar instead of a bleaching agent. In some cases, bleaching may cause irritation to the toilet bowls and cause some damages. The white vinegar act as a perfect cleaning agent for any ceramic products, so you can trust this tip and can use without any fear.

Pour the white vinegar in the sink or toilet bowl, leave it for some time then flush it. This will prevent the dirt and rings formed in your toilet

Soak a paper towel in vinegar and place the paper in the stained area to eliminate the heavy stains.

Keep the vinegar-soaked paper in your toilet bowl for whole night. Remove it in the morning and gently scrub the area to remove the substance.

This works great for the all build-ups and stains under the rim area for your toilet bowl.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective germ fighter and it easily eliminates all the stains in your toilet. Pour some amount of hydrogen peroxide solution around your toilet area and let it sit for an hour. Then flush it to rinse. You can also use hydrogen peroxide wipes to clean your toilet bowl.

Use Hot Water

Hot water helps to unclog your toilets. Pour the hot water directly to your toilet bowl. This even eliminate the sudden stains and dirt. Also, you can mix some quantity of baking soda in hot water.

Hot water and baking soda act as natural cleaning products and it does lots of magic in the cleaning process. Pour the solution to your sink and leave it for one hour and then rinse.