Tips to clean a Hotel Room like a Housekeeper

Tips to clean a Hotel Room like a Housekeeper

Cleaning a hotel room is like crafting that needs more experience and perfection to make your guests enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. Keeping a room clean also helps to increase ratings and customer incomes. Every hotel has its housekeeping service and hotel maids to clean every day and fix the cleaning issues. Sometimes housekeeper failed to visit your hotel or if she/he went in medical leave then you are the responsibility for the cleaning process.

Offering the perfect hospitality experience for customers and your visitors are the main vision for most of the hotel owners.

You must make everything perfect for your customer satisfaction, even one or two negative reviews will create a bad impact on your business. To prevent bad reviews, as a business owner you have more roles and responsibility to maintain your hotel room.

Check out the checklist that will help housekeeping service

Clean like House keeping services

  1. First Open all windows and Doors

It will take only a few seconds to open all the room’s windows. Once you enter the room the first thing is to open all the windows and then start your cleaning process. Opening a window helps the room to breathe the natural air and light source will provide better ventilation. The natural light from the window side helps to identify the stains and dirt easily.

  1. Clear out the clutter

Cluttering makes housekeepers enjoy the cleaning process and they will feel easier if the space is blank. So, empty the trashes, and remove all items including bed sheets, pillow covers, towels, bathmats, used shampoo cover, shower gel, and toothpaste in your bathroom. Once you cleared all the things from the room then give a gentle wipe to eliminate the marks and stains on tiles made by the soap and shampoo bottles.

 clean a Hotel Room like a Housekeeper

  1. Start Dusting

After cluttering the room, start dusting the windows, furniture, ceiling fans, light fixings, wall decors, hangings, and switchboards. Simple dustings make the room look clean and bright. While dusting cover the bed and sofa with plastics wraps or with some cloths.

  1. Utilize the time

Cleaning the entire bedroom will take more time, so before starting the cleaning, go to the bathroom and spray the cleaning solutions to the bathroom walls, sinks, mirrors and toilet and leave it up to you finishing the bedroom cleaning. After finishing the room cleaning, go back to the bathroom and clean it with the gentle scrub. The cleaning solution you left on the bathroom will eliminate all the long-lasting stains and dirt in a short period and no need to spend more time scrubbing and washing.

  1. Keep everything clean and move on

After cleaning the bathroom, now it’s time for mopping the floor. Make sure to sweep the floor before mopping. Use vacuum for carpets, window screens, and sofas. Give a gentle wipe for the indoor plant’s pots and spray some water to the indoor plants for the pleasant look. After mopping arrange all the furniture and make the bed perfect. Replace the air freshener before you left the room