How to Clean and Organize Digital Devices in your room

how to organize your digital devices

Digital and Electronic devices are everyone’s favorite mate having in the room. But dust and rust are their biggest enemies. Every device from the cell phone to ceiling fan can get the effect of the issues generated by the dust particles. The dust compost blocks every working device into non-working objects. The main example is your air cooler.

So, keep away the dust from your digital devices regular dusting and replacing the dust blocked particles is important to maintain the dust-free devices in your room.

Steps to take care while cleaning your devices

The screen is your major concern

Television screen and monitor screen are the first cases you must be noticed for dusting. These screens are easily attracted to dust and dirt. The screens can get dusty rapidly and have a chance to cover with handprints if you have kids in your home. Each screen has some special set of cleaning procedures depends on its nature. So, check with manual instructions and get a proper cleaning solution for the screens. clean frequently to enjoy the perfect view of the pictures.

how to organize digital devices

We don’t recommend spraying the cleaner directly on the screens because it may cause sudden spark or damage to the spotted area for your screen. So gently use the cleanser, spray some small quantity of cleanser in the cotton cloth and wipe out the screen in the clockwise direction. Never use paper tissues on the screen, it may cause some scratches. Use only soft cotton cloths recommended for screens to clean the clouds of dust and fingerprints on your screens.

While choosing the cleanser to go for ammonia-free screen cleaner, before using these solutions always keep in mind to test in a small portion.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones need a regular cleaning routine for the great and newer look. Mobiles can get dropped by the user often and maybe got little scratch and spills on screens. Dirt may cause major problems like blocking the charger connection, blocking the Sim slot and make trouble while connecting into a network. Mobile cleaning solutions are available in all markets, get some non- alcoholic and ammonia-free solutions and with the help of soft cotton cloth wipe your mobile device in daily routine.

how to organize electronic devices


Computers are your favorite device you used for research, study, gaming and all entertainment purposes. Make sure to regular inspection for dust particles and keep dusting as a daily routine. Clouds of dust are settling even on keyboards gaps and mousepad and it makes you regular dusting keeps yourself free from dirt and rust.

TV / Radio devices

Same as computers television and radio are also the entertain device you need to take care of. Keep dusting the screens and components with the help of manual instruction.

DVD and MP3 players

Place your devices away from the dust area. Treat this device the same as computers and mobiles. Keep cleaning regularly. The dust blocks the soundbar and you are not allowed to enjoy the clear audio. Disc cleaning kits are now available with manuals, so keep that kit your home and clean your devices and discs on a regular basis.