DIY Cleaning Hacks for Refrigerator Maintenance

cleaning Hacks for Refrigerator

The main function of the refrigerator is to protect the food for a long time and to keep the preservative food items in a wise condition. But in the case of that appliance failed to work on the determined condition the food items became waste and sometimes it creates food poison. So, it’s a major concern to protect your fridge hygienically. Don’t leave any long stains to leave on the trays of milk and fruit containers. It rapidly creates a bacterial and fungus disease after consuming those food products.

Knowing some refrigerator cleaning hacks helps you to maintain the appliance in a good condition, here we mentioned some tips to clean and maintain the refrigerator and to ensure the clean stay.

DIY Cleaning Tips for your refrigerator

Empty the refrigerator first

The first step is to be emptying the fridge. Power off the regulator and take the food items stored in the fridge one by one. For the freezing foods, place the foods in a separate icebox or a big container with the pack full of ice cubes and cover it with a plastic cover or kitchen towels to prevent the surface from becoming wet or stained by the process of condensation.

Clean the trays and baskets

Soak the trays and baskets available in the refrigerator to store the veggies and fruits in a hot water up to 15 minutes to soften the hard stains and grime. Now clean the trays with slight scrub and let it dry.

Deep cleaning

Buy some cleaning agents available in the market or with the help of home-made cleaning fluids like the combination of vinegar and warm water. Gently rub the dirt in the fridge with the sponge dipped into the solution. For the stubborn stains treat with a toothbrush to get rid of.

Dry out the shelves

After washing the trays and basket wipe off the water with the help of microfiber cloths and make it dry

 Clean the bottle racks and other portion

 Clean the bottle racks and egg trays with the help of the same liquid cleaner. Dip the microfiber cloth in the bowl containing the mixture of vinegar and warm water and gently rub all over the refrigerator. With the use of dry cloth wipe of the stains and wet. Repeat the process for the exterior cleaning too.

Cleaning Tips for your refrigerator

Replace the parts

Now the whole refrigerator became clean and it’s a time to place all the trays and food items back to your fridge. Once you have done let the door open for some time to get dry. Cut the lemons and place them inside the refrigerator to eliminate the fluid smell and to spread fresh smell over the entire refrigerator.

Some common Tips to maintain your Refrigerator 

  • With the help of stickers mark the food items, to remember what to consume first.
  • Place the bowl containing the mixture of baking soda inside the refrigerator for the deodorize
  • Don’t keep the rotten fruits or veggies for a long time.
  • Clean the milk bottles and juice bottles regularly to get rid of bacterial infection.
  • Wipe off the water droplets and juice split-ups.