DIY Cleaning Ideas for walls

how to clean walls

When it comes to cleaning most people are not concentrating on walls. They clean the floor, windows, and home appliances and skip walls. Keeping your walls in a good condition is important to give your home a great and fresh look all over the day. Here we provided cleaning ideas to keep your walls clean on your make your house feel a new look again. Walls get dirty, especially at the kid- and dog-level.

What makes walls Dirty

If you have pets or children in your home your wall can easily become messy. The listed are some common conditions that make walls look dirty both external wall / internal walls.

  1. Scribbling
  2. Fingerprints
  3. Stains
  4. Build-up Grime
  5. Oil- greasy
  6. kitchen stains

To handle this, don’t use hard solution and don’t rub hard that may cause damage to the wall paints. Wipe off the dirt with a sponge. For the stubborn stains use washing solution. Gently spray the solution on the wall and dap with a cotton cloth. Some washable wall sheets are available it makes the cleaning process easier.

how to clean wall

Washable wall sheets

Washable and wipeable waterproof wallpaper is available in the market with different themes for kitchen, bedroom and living area. Pick your favorite one and waste it on the walls for ease clean. It helps to remove stains and finger-marks easily.

DIY Cleanings ideas for different walls

Cleaning walls depend on paint whether it is latex or oil-based. For a safe clean follow these ideas

DIY Cleaning ideas for Latex Paint


  1. Dish Detergent
  2. Water
  3. Bucket
  4. Sponge

cleaning Procedure

  • Mix three to four drops of detergent with a bucket of water.
  • Take a sponge and dip into the mixture
  • Wipe off the stains and dirt with the wet sponge.
  • Switch off the lights and outlets to avoid electric shocks while cleaning
  • Don’t use a degreaser or other chemical cleaners on latex painted walls.

DIY Cleaning ideas for oil-based paint

Handling oil paints are a bit harder to treat, here you can use mild chemical solutions or degreaser to remove oil grease on walls especially for kitchen walls.


  1. Water
  2. Detergent
  3. Mild degreaser
  4. White vinegar
  5. Sponge
  6. Bucket
  7. Sprayer

Tips to keep wall clean

cleaning Procedure

  • Mix a dishwasher detergent in a bucket full of water
  • Take a sponge and dip into a solution mixture
  • Now wipe off the stains and dirt with the help of the wet sponge
  • For a stubborn stain, you can use white vinegar
  • Mix white vinegar and water in a sprayer, now gently spray the solution to the hard stains and gently wipe off with the damp cloth.
  • To treat greasy and oil dirt on the kitchen walls use a mild degreaser.
  • Take a small amount of degreaser in a sponge and wipe off in the affected spot

Fabric wall coverings and expensive painted walls need extra care in cleaning. For DIY cleaning Use manufacturer’s manual care for the cleaning instruction and follow the steps. For daily care, dust occasionally with a brush and soft cloth. This will help to maintain the wall for a greater look.