How to clean leather sofa – A complete guide

How to clean leather sofa – A complete guide

The leather sofa needs regular maintenance due to the product of natural animal skin compared to the other sofas. A leather sofa needs more care and special attention if you have pets or kids in your house to reduce the risk of scratches or stains made by the pets and kids while playing on the leather sofas. Once you understand how to maintain the sofa in a good condition by your own then no need to depend on housekeepers. Get advice from the professional cleaners to remove any stubborn or long-lasting stains.

A quick wipe or vacuuming makes sofa to dry soon, regularly give a gentle wipe or vacuuming to maintain the leather sofa finely. For creamy white or light-colored leather sofa, more attention should be needed in maintaining.

How to clean leather sofa at home

Leather is made from the animal skins, so leather sofa needs more maintenance and cares like your skin. So you need to use the products and lotions the same as how you choose for your skin.

Here is the step-by-step pro cleaning guide to the cleaning leather sofa in easy ways. This method of cleaning suits to remove all kinds of stains and dirt and once you clean leather sofa by this method you need to clean again up to six months.

Before starting any kind of cleaning it’s a smart thing to gather up cleaning tools you will need to clean leather sofa. Let’s see what the basic cleaning tools are needs for leather sofa cleaning.

Tools of cleaning Leather sofa!!

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Duster
  3. Microfibre cloth
  4. Soapy liquid or any branded liquids
  5. Leather moisture cream

Now all set!!! Let’s get started to cleaning the leather sofa. For an entertainment switch on your favorite music album and start your cleaning process.

How to clean leather sofa


How to clean a leather sofa at home?

  1. Remove all dirt

The first step is to remove all dirt and unwanted things like toddlers’ toys, food wraps, electronic items from your leather sofa. This will help to cleaning leather sofa fast and there is no chance for any rubbing scratch on the leather surface while wiping.

If you are using a vacuum cleaner go for the soft brush to avoid scratches.

  1. Prepare Homemade cleaning solutions

Cleaning leather sofa with Dove

The second step is to choose the chemical-free cleaning solutions or right cleanser to cleaning the leather sofa. Instead of high PH- cleaning solutions, homemade cleaning products do a better job of cleaning.

Cleaning leather sofa with Dove

cleaning a leather sofa with dove soap is the best option due to its low Ph value. Rub the soap gently with warm water to create foam or use dove shower gel to clean leather sofa. saddle soaps are also the best option to treat the risk of stains.

cleaning leather sofa with vinegar

Vinegar is the natural cleaning solutions, mix a warm water and vinegar solution in a ratio of 1:2 and spray this solution directly on the leather sofa to remove any stubborn stains. This solution acts as the natural stain remover and loosen the long-lasting stains and makes your leather sofa perfect.

Cleaning leather sofa with baking soda

Baking soda is another best trick to clean leather sofa but make sure there is no excess amount of soda is added for cleaning. Too much baking soda makes the leather surface hard and you can use the baking soda as a cleaning solution of heavy stains with the guidance of professional cleaning experts.

Sprinkle some quantity of baking soda directly on the leather sofa and let it sit for an hour to collect all the stains. Then with a wet cloth wipe off the layer. Now dap the microfiber cloth on the leather sofa to dry.

clean leather sofa

  1. Use-it after testing on a small area

After preparing the cleaning solution, don’t use it directly without testing. First, test the cleaning solution on a small invisible area of the sofa like backside or bottom and ensure there is no risk in the usage of cleaning solutions like fades or discoloration.

  1. Clean the sofa from top – bottom

Now you all set with the cleaning solution, the next step is cleaning the entire sofa from left to right and top to bottom.

Take a soft sponge and dip into the solution and start cleaning along with the foamy layer. Use a microfiber cloth or damp cloth to wipe off the surface.

Don’t miss out on the corners while cleaning. once you are done with cleaning, use a separate cloth for drying.  Dry out the sofa and make sure there is no wet to create any mold.

  1. Apply a leather cream for Moisture

To protect the shininess of your leather sofa, use the best conditioner or moisture cream available on the market. Apply it for every 6 to 12 months of the time interval and consult with the professional sofa cleaners to find the best cream.

Are you cleared with how to clean a leather sofa at home on your own? Here are some bonus points for you!!! How to clean leather sofa smartly? Let’s see what the smart ways are to clean the leather sofas.


Cleaning leather sofa – smart ways


  1. Cleaning leather sofa with rubbing alcohol

Cleaning leather sofa with rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol helps to burst out any heavy stains from the leather sofa.  Apply a small portion of rubbing alcohol directly on the stains and wipe off with the damp cloths after an hour.

  1. Cleaning leather sofa with olive oil

Cleaning leather sofa with olive oil

You know well olive oil is so good for your skin and skin related problems. Olive oil plays a vital role in maintaining human skin. Same as this is too good for sofa leathers. Apply olive oil as a conditioner or use olive oil along with the cleaning solution maintain the lifetime of the leather sofa.

  1. Cleaning leather sofa with Ice cubes

Cleaning leather sofa with Ice cubes

The presence of chewing gum, nail polish, or gum related substances on leather sofa spoils the texture of leather while cleaning and scrubbing. Ice-cube is the best trick to eliminate these kinds of things from the leather surface without damaging the leather.

Keep the ice-cube bags on the affected area and make the glue or gum to freeze. Once it gets to freeze, you can easily eliminate it with the help of knives or sticks.

Cleaning leather sofa with Fairy liquid Wash

How to clean leather sofa

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  • A mixture of warm water and fairy liquid wash gives amazing results on sofa cleaning. Also, you can use this to clean your car leather sheets.
  • Fairy liquids with lemon flavor give more natural smell while cleaning your leather sofa.
  • It comes in a gel-based type, for cleaning process take a little amount of gel and mix with warm water
  • Shake well to get the gentle foam and apply this directly on the leather sofa.
  • Fairly liquids help to maintain your leather sofa as a newly bought over the years.

Cleaning leather sofa with Fairy liquid Wash


 Top 10 Best leather sofa cleaning kits

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