What are the cleaning services included in Deep House cleaning?

What are the cleaning services included in Deep House cleaning

Every home needs deep cleaning at least once in a month to maintain the standard of the house look and to maintain the interior things including furniture, home appliances, carpets, wall hangings, and decorative items. These are the major portion of the house needs to be deep clean once in a month. Once the deep cleaning is done for this portion that reflects on the entire house look.

In a deep cleaning, many professional advices are to start with dusting the furniture, wiping all the surfaces of the house, countertops, arranging, organizing, cleaning the bathroom and the end task is mopping the floor.

Everyone likes to live in a clean environment but at the same time, they hate to do the cleaning. Now cleaning a house is not a big deal, there are lots of professional cleaners in all places and they offer excellent services including, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, commercial cleaning, hotel room cleaning, and end of tenancy cleaning.  If you are not a person who loves cleaning, then hire a best professional cleaning agent, and if you are not a person who doesn’t know how to clean then refer the cleaning tips and cleaning guidance offered by the professional cleaning services.

the cleaning services included in Deep House cleaning

Difference between standard cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Before hiring some professional cleaners there are few things you need to know about the cleaning. The main thing is what is standard cleaning and what is deep cleaning and then finalize what kind of cleaning you need to fix for your house. Most of the persons wish to hire professionals for deep cleaning. Once the deep cleaning is done, it is easy for them to maintain the house.

  • standard cleaning is a regular cleaning the same as everyday cleaning and deep cleaning is quite different which is expensive and at the same time worth of cost.
  • In regular cleaning only a selected portion are covers and deep cleaning includes all the main portion of your house.
  • Regular cleaning is like day to day investment and deep cleaning is like a one-time investment, once the deep clean is done by the well-trained professionals it lasts up to 6 months from the date of cleaning.

Check-list for Deep Cleaning 

1. Deep cleaning checklist for Bed-Room

Deep cleaning checklist for bed room

  •      Setting mattress and make the bed perfect
  •      Dusting and wiping the windows and doors
  •      collecting clothes and trashes
  •      vacuuming / mopping the floor

2. Deep cleaning checklist for Kitchen

  •     First, throw away any waste foods and load the dishwasher
  •     wipe- off stovetop to clean any food spills
  •     clean the kitchen sink after washing the dishes
  •     clean the chimney and tile area to remove any oil or greasy layers
  •     with the help of vinegar and lemon mix gently wipe the kitchen appliances

3. Deep cleaning checklist for bathroom

Deep cleaning checklist for bathroom

  •    clean the tub, sink, mirror, shower head, and wall
  •    clean and wash the trash can
  •    clean and sanitize tiles and toilet sinks
  •    clean the bathmat and rugs
  •    Mopping the floor

Key Points

While hiring the professional cleaning services for deep clean clearly check out the services included and select from that list otherwise, they will charge extra for the cleaning services not included in their list.