Day to day checklist for tenants to keep their rental property clean

Day to day checklist for tenants to keep their rental property clean

Maintaining a rental property in London needs more attention than one’s property. In your own property, no one is there to raise the questions to you if the property not looks good or not in a properly cleaned condition. If you are living in a rental property or using rental property for the commercial process, then you should strictly maintain the cleaning instructions given by the landlord. The property must be maintained day today because we can’t predict when the landlord will visit the property for inspection. If they noticed the property is not maintaining well then there is a possibility of close the rental agreement before the end of the tenancy period and the possibility of deduction of amount from the full deposit. If the tenant maintains the property in a clean and neat, then no fear about immediate vacate or any amount deductions.  Tenancy cleaning is the process of cleaning a rental property at the ending of the tenancy period Day to day cleaning is the best option to maintain the rental property finely and to make the rental property clean for every single day.

To maintain the rental property cleanly for every single day you must clean the property in a daily manner, we have the checklist for day to day cleaning that helps to maintain the property clean and tidy.

Day to Day Checklist for tenants  

Day to Day Checklist for tenants  

Here we created the day to day checklist that helps to clean the rental property within 30 minutes. Spend 20 to 30 minutes every single day that helps to maintain the rental place and reduce the work during the tenancy cleaning.

Checklist for kitchen cleaning

  • Take washing the cookware’s and vessels as the first process to empty the kitchen sink.
  • The next process is cleaning the stovetop and chimney. Make sure there is no greasy layer on the stove, chimney, and other home appliances.
  • Collect all the wastes and empty the trash can
  • The last process wipes out the kitchen cabinets and mops the floor.

Day to day kitchen cleaning tips

Checklist for bedroom cleaning

  • Take out the trashes, dirty cloths and wastes
  • Make your bed perfect
  • Wipe off all the electronic appliances in the room
  • Dust windows, door handle, and mirrors
  • Fold the cleaning cloths into the wardrobe
  • Sweep the floor daily

Checklist for bathroom cleaning

Take 5 mins for cleaning the bathroom on everyday

  • Clean the bathroom Tub, mirror, tub and towel hangers
  • With the help of germ control liquid clean the toilet area
  • Sanitize the entire bathroom area and spray any air freshener for a pleasant smellChecklist for bathroom cleaning

Checklist for living room cleaning

  • Declutter
  • Wipe of fans, windows, wall hangings, decorative items, wooden tables, and mirrors.
  • Spray some water to the indoor plants to maintain the freshness
  • Keep eye on wall and ceiling paints if you spot any stain clean it immediately
  • Sweep, vacuuming, or mopping the floor.