Deep cleaning Checklist for Hotel Rooms

Deep Clean your Hotel Room


In most of the hotels Housekeeping maintaining the room in a classy way to keep the standard and ratings of hotels in stable growth. Deep cleaning the hotel room may take a whole day that depends on the occupancy and square feet of the rooms. For a good rating, the hotel needs two to three deep cleaning per month.

Our Guidelines for tackling the Deep cleaning process

Step 1: Dusting the whole room

checklist for Hotel cleaning

With the help of long-handled duster, dust the guestroom entirely starting from the ceiling to floor. Clean all the dust in the lighting, fans, windows, mirrors, and handles. Dust the smokes and ventilation gates. Handle the dusting process before sweeping. Cover a mask to get protection from the dust particles

Step 2: check the light and fan fittings

checklist for Room deep cleaning

Wipe off all the hanging lights, bulbs, diffusers and decorated hangings like showpiece or bells. These are just for attraction and impression, so wipe off those fittings to eliminate all the minute dust particles.

Step 3: clean window areas.

Open the window sides and first dust the window frame and tracks and wipe off with the help of fine microfiber cloth or any cotton sponge. If any dust particles or small spider webs will come in a single wipe.

Take the fabric out and make it wash, some curtains just need a single wash. If you find any heavy stains, soak those clothes for an hour and clean with the freshwater.

Even Vacuuming also the best option for cleaning the window curtains.


Step 4: Make the Beds perfect for sound sleep

The main aim of your guests to book a room with you is to take proper rest and have a pleasant stay after the business meet or travel. So, you must make a bed perfect to set their mood.

Take all the bedsheets and pillow cover and replace with the new one. Clean the floor under the bed or cot. Vacuuming is preferable.

Fold the bath towel in some different shapes to give an impressive look while your customer arrives.

Step 5: Clean Walls, doors, and floor

Check the walls and wall paintings for any damage or dirt and then check the doors. Inspect all the door fittings and wipe off the walls and doors. So, if any non-visible arises on the floors will come in a single wipe.

Cleaning the Hotel room floor is mandatory, if possible, mop daily for the clean and sparkling look. Before cleaning gathers all the cleaning tools and cleaning solutions in a single tray to finish the cleaning process quickly.

Deep cleaning checklist for hotel

Step 6: Clean Room Furniture

Same as door cleaning check the furniture fittings once and for cleaning take a spray bottle and fill the cleaning liquid then start spraying on the room furniture. Take a cotton cloth and wipe-off the, don’t leave the furniture to be wet for more than a few minutes. It may damage the materials. If you found any furniture repair, inform the boss and replace it immediately before the guest arrives.