Deep Cleaning Checklist for Restaurant Kitchen

Deep Cleaning Checklist for Restaurant Kitchen

Maintaining the restaurant kitchen is not the same as maintaining one’s own kitchen. Running a restaurant is the challenging one among the other business because of health and hygienic factors.  Keeping a restaurant kitchen clean is the main task in a restaurant business.

When comes to restaurant kitchen cleaning many tasks are included in the cleaning list. Before starting a cleaning process, plan and prepare the checklist for restaurant kitchen cleaning to keep the place cleaner and more hygienic.

Restaurant kitchen cleaning comes under the commercial cleaning process. while preparing the checklist to consult with the commercial cleaners and prepare the cleaning checklist for a better way of cleaning.

Restaurant kitchen cleaning

Now during the spreading of Covid-19 extra care should be needed to run the healthy restaurant.

Many commercial cleaners’ advice is to split up the jobs and handle the cleaning on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, and yearly basis.

Keeping food safety in mind makes your restaurant kitchen more hygienic to get more customers and more positive feedback.

Here are some of the Kitchen cleaning Checklist gathered from the top commercial cleaners.

Daily Kitchen cleaning checklist


checklist for restuarant cleaning

For daily cleaning, the best advice for restaurant owners is to hire housekeepers or maids to do the day to day cleaning services and make the kitchen ready for the next day cooking.  The day to day cleaning checklist includes

  • Loading the dishwasher
  • Cleaning the stove, burner, boiler, and chimneys
  • Clean out the oil grease and food stains
  • Clean the cooking area as well as the food storage area
  • Clean and wash the drinking water tank
  • Wipe off the stovetop and the kitchen windows
  • Empty the purifier and let the water to fill the purifier tank
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor

Weekly kitchen cleaning checklist

Here is the list of weekly cleaning tasks, these tasks need to be done only on a weekly basis to keep your restaurant kitchen clean and tidy.

weekly kitchen cleaning checklist

  • Clean and sanitize the entire kitchen area.
  • Clean the kitchen sink and trash can
  • Clean the coffee maker
  • Clean the ovens and juicer as per the instructions on the user manual guide.
  • Clean the knife boards and vegetable cutter boards

Monthly Kitchen cleaning checklist

The monthly cleaning checklist is only for the items that need to be cleaned only on a monthly basis. Pre-schedule the monthly cleaning so your staff should aware of the date of cleaning.

  • Wash the dishwasher and remove any food crumbs
  • Clean the Refrigerator, icebox, and Freezers
  • Sharpen the knives, slicer, and cutters
  • Wash the food containers and let it dry
  • Check the pest traps and replace it
  • Clean the ceilings and floor

Monthly kitchen cleaning checklist for restaurant

Annually Kitchen cleaning checklist

For the annual kitchen cleaning checklist, several things come under the cleaning. These are needed to clean each year to make the kitchen safer. The best option to handle annual kitchen cleaning is to hire a professional cleaner who knows well about the commercial kitchen cleaning terms and conditions.

  • Schedule the annual cleaning on the non- seasonal time
  • Check the entire restaurant kitchen
  • Check the working condition of kitchen equipment
  • Change the curtains and kitchen accessories like hand gloves, Hat, etc
  • Clean the chimney outlet and ceiling fans
  • Organize the basement area and cabinet