DIY cleaning Tips for your House outside to attract Tenants

Outside home cleaning

Once you decided to rent your home for the tenants, you should put your home on the advertisement and market announcement. It’s the important and necessary one to make your home shine so that the tenants easily get attracted to your home.

Cleaning the home outside will be a big task, but this will be an easy one if you know the right way of cleaning and have the right tools with you. Pressure washing is the best one to get rid of heavy stains and dirt. Using soapy water is also advisable if your outside area of the house is occupied with the wooding furniture, ceramic patio, and other gardening tools. You should prepare your house ready before your cleaning it by removing the costly furniture or any vehicles.

clean your house to attracts your tenant

So, to keep your exterior clean we provide some DIY cleaning tips, that make people make a sudden call for you once they see your home by the presence or in an advertainment and can attract the tenancy.

  1. Check the climate for cleaning

Select a perfect day for cleaning the outside of your home. Most probably the warm and dry day is best for outdoor cleaning.  If you clean your house on a windy day you end up with overspray and extra split-ups on the cleaned surface.

A warm day is better for cleaning the house outside the area. So, after cleaning the portion will be dry out soon. Don’t use the heavy chemical substance for cleaning that may damage the green plants in your outside garden, even the water is enough to clean the outside. You can use a hand brush to clean the higher portion or window side.

  1. Cover the outside furniture and windows

Begin the cleaning process by closing all the windows and doors and it helps to secure the material. Cover the outside furniture with secure tape or plastic sheet. Also, cover the outside lightings and outlets if possible, move the outside furniture away from cleaning or keep inside the home.

Keep your kids and pets inside your home if you are using a pressure washer for cleaning.

clean your house to attract the tenants

  1. Cleaning kits and tools

Before starting the cleaning, process inspects your home for stains and dirt buildups. Use a bar of common dishwashing soap and start to scrub the stains until it begins to leave the portion. Some stains are handled by the soapy water and scrubbing brush instead of a pressure wash.

Make sure to use a light soapy agent, heavy dishwashing may affect your plants in the garden area, or it cause some irritation to the patio tiles.

To treat with heavy stains, use a solution mix of bleaching powder and water and dishwashing liquid. Pour the solution in the stained area or dip the scrubbing brush in the solution and start to scrub the satins to get rid of.

  1. Pressure washing

Before using the pressure washing make a test in a small porting. It may damage the light surface. You can use the pressure washer with the guidance and after getting well trained you can use pressure washers to clean your outdoor surface