Easy ways to clean the stains from the wooden tables In your Home

Easy ways to clean wooden table

Dealing with the wooden surface is not a big deal as you assume. Some times you think to replace that furniture because of heavy stains. We provide an easy way to clean the dirt and stains with everyday cleaning products that irritate the wooden surface. woodworking is a special thing and wood sculpture are the kind of art. so keeping wooden particle are bit risky and need more maintenance compared to other products.

To treat water stains

There is a surprising solution for the water stains which are available in our house. Most probably every one having this in their refrigerator.”Mayonnaise” helps to remove any kind of water stains on your wooden surface.  With the help of a cotton cloth, let a  little amount of mayo and start dab directly into the table. Leave it for some time or overnight with a cotton towel on top. The next day morning wipes away the mayonnaise, with a clean microfiber cloth and make a finishing touch by polishing the table surface with the help of vinegar solution. This is an excellent way of removing the stains from the wooden surface.

clean stains from wooden table

A mixture of vinegar and olive oil

Applying mixture to the water stains using a microfiber cloth is an effective way of eliminating any kind of stains from the wooden surface. It’s hard to be conscious all the time while handling the wooden tables and furniture. Maybe you can spill some juices or coffee and forget to clean. This may build into heavy stains later.

Mix the vinegar and olive oil into the equal parts and apply the mixture directly to the water stains with the help of microfiber cloth.

Gently rub the solution on the table towards the wooden stains until it eliminates the stains from the surface. The vinegar will help to remove the stains and olive oil gives a polishing effect. Finish the process by wiping with a dry cloth.

Using an Iron material

Heat the iron substance and melt the iron into the fluid. Apply the fluid in the surface, we recommend using a microfiber cloth without any painted prints to avoid the transparent layer. Once the melting process is done set the iron on the cotton cloth to treat the stains. Let it sit for a few minutes and take a cloth to check the stains. Repeat the process once to get rid of the stains completely

clean away the stains from the wooden table

Use a Hair Dryer

To get rid of the stains immediately plug your hairdryer and switch on the device towards your dryer and hold it until the stains get vanished from the wooden surface. Once the process is accomplished unplug the hairdryer. For finishing touch use furniture oil or use olive oil for the fresh look.


You can use toothpaste to get rid of any heavy stains from your wooden table. Dab a small amount of toothpaste to the clean cloth and start rub towards the stains. Continue this process to eliminate the stains completely. Wipe off with a microfiber cloth.