Easy Ways to Eliminate Stains in Your Carpets

Remove you carpet stains in a easy tips

You can not always have an eye on your carpet to avoid the accident stains that happen on the carpet. There is a huge number of ways to eliminate the accidental stains from your carpets. The main factor is to follow some true techniques which are the things to fight with the stains for 100%. Some appearing may be happening on carpets as well how much you cared about doesn’t matter, you should also know about some cleaning hacks which helps you to solve the critical issues like sudden stains, stubborn stains, pet stains, chocolate stains, coffee stains, ink stains, and bloodstains.

Removing Beverage Stains from the carpets

removing the beverage stains from carpet

Beverages like Coke Pepsi are the culprits to create stubborn stains on your carpets or runners. Follow these tips to remove the carpet stains caused by the colored beverages

  • Never rub the stains instead of gently blot the stained area with the dry cotton cloth.
  • Spray the stained area with the mixture of white vinegar, and water and dap using the same dry cotton cloth.
  • Remove the stains immediately and try to avoid spreading over other regions

Removing pet stains from the carpets

remove pets stains on carpet

If you have pets with you, then surely you have a problem with cleaning up their mess. Sometimes they will make a stain that can be difficult to get rid off from your carpets. Here are some useful tips to remove the pet stains from your carpets

  • Start cleaning the initial mess.
  • Collect the debris on the carpets with the help of gloves and dispose of it immediately.
  • Use the blot method if it is wet without rubbing
  • If the stain is dried, treat the carpet stain to get moisture and then apply the stain removal products
  • To eliminate the odors, use some essential oils to the stain removal products.Maintain stain free clean and fresh carpet

Removing the chocolate stains 

Chocolate stains the same as the beverage stains, it is hard to remove from your carpets if you left it for a long time. If you celebrated any parties like birthday party, wedding anniversary or Halloween there is a high chance of chocolate stains. When you notice the fresh stains, give the area a quick vacuum to get rid of the stain immediately. If you let the stains it will be recover by using these followings steps

  • Blot the stains instead of rubbing it
  • Apply a small portion of stain remover to any cloth and gently dap on your carpets.
  • Try to avoid applying directly, apply to any brush or microfiber cloth.
  • Rinse the stain remover
  • Let it dry or use Hairdryer for drying

Removing Blood Stains from Carpet 

There are many possible ways are available to remove the bloodstains on your carpets.follow this easy tips to get rid of bloodstains

  • use cold water instead of hot or warm water
  • keep moisture by using dishwashing agents or white vinegar
  • Use lavender oil or essential oil additionally with the stain removal products
  • Blot, instead of rubbing and let it dry