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End of tenancy cleaning

What is End of Tenancy Cleaning London?

End of Tenancy Cleaning London is needed by tenants who are vacating their house or if they are planning to move to a new place. Cleanliness and hygiene are what most prospective tenants, like you, look for before occupying a new property. But once you move into the property, you must leave the rented spaces in similar condition as to when you moved in, except for cases of wear and tear.

This is not a call to have you bursting your nails every week trying to keep the places sparkling all the time. Not unless that’s your ideal cleaning routine, of course.

What matters is that by the time you are vacating, the property is in its original shape.

Landlords are known to fail to return tenant deposits in case of the dirty or damaged property. Most of the landlords do claim they use the money on making necessary repairs and cleaning for the sake of the next tenants. Therefore, the best way to ensure you successfully claim back your deposit is by ensuring the end of tenancy cleaning.

Most people are torn whether to do the cleaning themselves or hire a professional cleaning service provider. Both are ways of going about it depending on your condition and the cleaning results you desire. Cleaning yourself is excellent when you have the necessary cleaning skills and equipment. On the other hand, hiring an end of a tenancy cleaning company is suitable for anyone willing to part with some money, and it comes with assured results.

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Affordable End of Tenancy Cleaning London Prices

One of the thoughts you are predisposed to have once you hear of professional cleaning services is the cost and if you can afford these services. The prices of hiring end of tenancy cleaning services are generally low, and you can afford them. While most rentals deposits cover 1 – 3 months accommodation payments, cleaning service is a one-time activity with prices set on market rates. That explains why several people are opting for the services of a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. They are relatively cheaper compared to losing the deposit. Each company charges a fixed amount for a given service, but other factors determine the pricing. These include:

A larger room will cost you more to clean. You should make sure you have the exact measurement of your house, giving the cleaning company a correct number of bedrooms, bathroom, and any other information. Providing false information will drag the process and can delay your moving out. If you are not sure of how to describe your place, you can allow the company to survey before starting the task, for the exact quote of service.

The state of your property matters when hiring a cleaning service as more contaminated places will need more tools to clean up. End of tenancy cleaning involves thorough cleaning, not your regular dusting, mopping, wiping, and vacuuming. It will, therefore, take some time to clean a house that has been unkempt for a long time, and you must be ready to pay a little more as compared to a home cleaned every other day.

Most cleaning companies have a checklist with all the services they offer. However, if your property needs special services that are not part of the checklist, you will have to pay for it. You must confirm the company’s checklist and the services you expect to avoid having any issues when working.

The best way to avoid surprises after commencing work is to ensure that you observe what the quote entails. Get all the details and information on what is covered in the price quoted and the cost of any privilege or additional services if you might need some.

Who is responsible for end of tenancy cleaning in London?

The tenant agreement provides that the home must be cleaned and handed back in the same condition it was when being given out. This is to mean it is the tenant responsible for the end of the tenancy. The implication of failure to do the end of tenancy cleaning is that you forfeit your deposit. While some tenants prefer to do the end of tenancy cleaning themselves, most tenant agreements state that it must be carried out by a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. You are free to go for a company of your choice, though.

To help you determine the state at which you are supposed to leave the property is by keeping an inventory when moving in. This will ensure you are not penalised for damage you are not responsible for.

end of tenancy cleaning company

End of Tenancy Cleaning London checklist

Wondering what to focus on when carrying out the end of tenancy cleaning? Here is a checklist on some of the most important aspects

end of tenancy cleaning for living room

Living Room

The main task in cleaning a living involves clearing the carpets and dusting.

Carpets tend to be a little tiring to clean as they hold dust, microscopic insects, mites, debris, and any other particles around the house.

The best machine to use to clean carpets is a steam cleaner or a carpet cleaning machine.

Proceed to clean and polish cabinets, shelves, TV stands, and cupboards for the perfect living room look.


Kitchen is one of the star attractions for tenants when occupying a new place; you need to give it a good look. Start with clearing the shelves and cupboards, using a dump cloth to wipe stains and crumbs. After that, you can proceed to sort and clean the different kitchen appliances. You can remove the fridge trays and racks to sock on soapy water then wipe clean.

Finish cleaning the kitchen by vacuuming the floor, and emptying the kitchen bins. Once done, make sure you switch off all the electric points from the wall and keep the door open for some time to avoid molds.

end of tenancy cleaning kitchen
end tenancy cleaning bathrooms


A lot of cleaning work goes to the bathroom as you need strong disinfectants to remove mould, soap splurge, limestone, and other dirt. Bathrooms are also made of several components that require thorough cleaning; toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, joints, tiles, and decorations.

Disinfect and wipe everything in the bathroom to remove the stain. Check the plug holes and drains for blockages. After that, check on the metallic surfaces for the presence of moulds and lime scales. Use fresh lemon or white vinegar in case of stubborn dirt.


Cleaning the bedroom yourself in most cases will prove a challenge.

Most people tend not to do daily cleaning in their bedrooms; thus, a lot of dirt and dust are collected on the mattress and other bedding.

Cleaning the bedroom involves clearing wardrobes then wiping it both inside and out.

Proceed to clean the mirrors, the floor, and any other furniture you might have in your room.

end of tenancy cleaning bedroom
window cleaning in end of tenancy cleaning


The windows are the gateway of your room to the outside world. A window that allows in more light gives an impression of a larger room, and it’s good for proper vision. That is why you must never assume the windows when at the end of tenancy cleaning.

Remove dirt, fingerprints, oily stains, or any other mark using soapy water, and then wash off. Wipe when drying to avoid streaks.

Wipe the frames, and dust off curtains, shades, and blinds.

How to hire end of tenancy cleaners in London?

While choosing to hire the services of tenancy cleaners, the main issue is on how to land the right one. There are several end of tenancy cleaners in London, all promising excellent work and top experience. The truth is that not all companies will meet your expectations. Using these tips can quickly help you land the cleaning service provider best suited for your task.

The main reason for hiring a cleaning company in the first place is to get back your deposit, it therefore not make any sense to use much more money for the cleaning. The pricing of the end of tenancy cleaning company should depend on the size of the property.

The pricing should also include the tools and products the company will use when cleaning. Besides, they must reveal if it is VAT inclusive as provided for by the UK laws.

An end of tenancy cleaning involves thorough work that brings them home to an almost new condition. Look into the checklist the cleaners and see if how detailed it is. They should be cleaning even some areas that maybe you already don’t have in mind. A more extended checklist is the best option to work with.

The best way to be sure of receiving your money’s worth is when the company offers you a guarantee. They should allow you a period to confirm your satisfaction. They can provide for compensation or to the cleaning in case of dissatisfaction within a limited time, most probably 24 hours.

Cleaning your home involves a lot of liability, like breakage and damage. You are therefore assured of the security of your place if you work with an insured company. Having an insurance policy also shows the commitment and trustworthiness to clients. Hence you can be at peace that your work will be completed.

How Quick Cleaning Services can help you in End of Tenancy Cleaning in London?

Up to now, we have been generous with information. You already know almost all the essential details on end of tenancy cleaning services. We have given you the factors that determine the cleaning prices, your role as either a tenant or a landlord, and how to choose the right end of tenancy cleaning company in London. Besides, we have made it clear that you can opt to clean yourself if you have the expertise and tools, even though working with a professional company is more convenient. Moreover, most landlords mention explicitly in their tenant contract the end of contract cleaning must be carried out by a professional cleaning company. And that is why you need to trust us when we tell you that, any time you are looking for an end of tenancy cleaning service in London, Quick Cleaning Services is the best place to consider. The landlord might declare that a professional end of tenancy cleaning company must do cleaning, but you are free to choose the entity to work with.

If at all you feel all this on the checklist is hard work, you are right. Completing the end of tenancy cleaning by oneself is gruesome. It will take you a lot of time, mostly several days, to complete, you will spend money buying cleaning equipment and tools, and in the end, you are still most likely to end up with unclean parts.

Why break your back for days only to miss the deposit?

You don’t have to punish yourself like that. Contact a specialised end of tenant cleaning provider. A cleaning service provider has everything on the checklist. They have human resources, tools, and experience for cleaning faster and cleaner.

Once you are done cleaning inside the house, you also need to ensure you are leaving behind a presentable environment. Some of the essential generals cleanings include;

  • Clean the entrance and the driveway with care due to the high pollution levels in those areas.
  • Give the staircase and hallway a thorough cleaning due to the high traffic they have in most cases.
  • Get rid of all rubbish around the home. Clean remove all the leftovers and clean the rubbish bins.
  • Like any other home parts, ensure the garden is clean before you leave. You can weep it, or weed the flowerbed, or mow the laws. It depends on the type and state of the garden.

Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in providing you the best cleaning services you can ever opt for around. We have been operating in London for a long time and know what works best for different clients.

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The type and location of the property or the intensity of the dirt should not be a worry to you. Just let us handle it on your behalf. We use top of the range machines and cleaning equipment that allows us to handle any cleaning needs.


We have a reputation for being the best cleaning company in London, and we want to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. We are therefore committed to providing you exceptional services using our strong work ethics. Irrespective of task you give us, we will work to meet or most likely surpass your expectations.

Qualified staff

We have a team of skilled and experienced cleaning experts who have been in the trade handling different types of tasks. Our team will assess your property before beginning your project, advise you on the way forward while considering what you want, and ultimately deliver the cleanest place, on time.


We provide competitive market rates for our services without compromising quality.

What are the responsibilities of the landlord?

These are the roles that the landlord is provided for under section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985:

Giving the tenant a copy of the notice of the end of tenancy

The landlord must give the tenant a notice period, depending on the payment cycles, and a reason when serving the end of tenancy notice.

Ending the tenancy with a reason, and a 14-day notice

The landlord can end the tenancy to reasons like; repeated late rent payments, failure to repair damage within the agreed time when the tenant puts the property at risk and breaching the tenancy agreement in any way.

Returning security deposit

The law allows landlord 15 calendar days to return the full deposit with interest, return the deposit minus the deductions authorized by the tenant in writing, or seek for dispute resolution to keep the deposit in case the tenant refuses to authorise deductions.

Handling abandoned possessions

The landlord is allowed to handle the possession a tenant leaves behind without proper notice only after getting authorization from a tenancy office. The landlord must first take specific steps to ensure the tenant no longer needs the possessions.

Repossessing a rental unit after inspecting and recording the condition of the property

The law allows the landlord to gain a possession order for evicting tenants who routinely fail to pay rents. This should be the last resort to a landlord, like most cases, they can talk with the tenant and reach an agreement.

Tenants responsibilities when renting and post renting

As usual, rights come with responsibilities. These are some of the responsibilities for a tenant during the stay period provided for under section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

Rent the property during the fixed time

The tenant has the responsibility of paying rent for the property during the renting period, whether they physically occupy the property or not. You should also remit utility bills, council tax, and any other service subscription during the period.

Taking good care of the property

You should look after the property by performing daily maintenance like cleaning the property. You should also promptly inform the landlord in case of any damage or malfunction in the property.

Providing reasonable access to the property

You should allow for access to the house when necessary, like for routine maintenance checks by the landlord or service providers.

Act reasonably and take care of the property

Your actions during your stay at the property are what determine whether you will receive your rental deposit back or not. You should act reasonably during your stay, pay rent on time, and do not damage property.

The UK tenancy laws allow the tenancy agreement between the landlord and the tenant to be the binding contract between the two parties. The agreement provides you, as a tenant several rights like; right to occupying the property during the stated period, living in a safe and maintained place, peaceful enjoyment of property, access to information about the landlord and property, and protection of tenancy deposit.