Give your mirror a spotless clean

how to get spotless mirror

The mirror in your house looks more perfect when it is spotlessly clean. It is a necessary step to clean all your furniture in a daily routine. Extra care should be taken for the furniture having mirror fittings, glass windows, and bathroom mirrors.

Handling a mirror in a spotless clean is a challenging task that everyone should know the guidelines for the mirror cleaning process for the streak-free mirror.

Here we suggested some of the cleaning methods that workout better to make the mirror cleaning process ease and also things to avoid while cleaning the mirror.

Cleaning Process

Before stepping up into the cleaning process check out the list of tools you will need for the cleaning

Spotless mirror cleaning hacks

List of Tools 
  • A Microfiber cloth
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton Pad

Use Of Micro-Fiber Cloth

spray a little amount of water or glass cleaner onto the Micro-fiber cloth and wipe down the glass with microfiber cloth helps to preserve the quality of frames. Avoid spraying the cleaners directly to the mirrors, the chemicals in the cleaning solution may affect the mirror sometimes. First, use the cleaning solution after testing in a small potion to avoid the damage. you can use a damp cloth or duster to remove the dust around the glass mirror, which depends on the type of mirrors.

After that use microfiber cloth to remove any dust buildup. This will helps to leave your mirror a spotless clean.

An option for a Glass cleaners 

You can use homemade cleaning cleaners for cleaning, mix one cup of white vinegar to the five cups of water and transfer this into the spray bottle. This option helps to protect your mirror frames from damaging and also it saves more money. so, before going to buy the highly expensive cleaners, try this method.

Handle spot-cleaning

spotless mirror after cleaning

spot cleaning is useful for bathroom mirrors. with the help of rubbing alcohol and cotton pad gently clean the mirrors for spotless effect and also clear out any smudges or strong build-ups. Rubbing alcohol will make the mirror dry quickly.

 Wiping Methods 

There are two ways to wipe down the mirrors.

  1. Handle the mirror cleaning in a circular motion. so, it does not leave any smudges or marks after wiping
  2. strat with the Topmost corner of your mirror and swipe left to the right pattern and then go down slowly. Now you covered all the areas of the mirror

spotless Mirror cleaning tip for  room

You should avoid these Methods while cleaning Mirrors 
  • Wipe the steamed mirrors with a towel after showering
  • Avoid using newspaper to clean, the ink will be spread behind
  • Also, avoid using tissue paper, it leaves small pieces that make the mirror dusty
  • using cleaning products that are not labeled for mirror clean
  • Avoid using powders instead of cleaning liquids 

Quick Tip:

If you want a spotless mirror in your bathrooms, makeup rooms, living rooms and in the kitchen try to use the rubbing alcohol hack. pour some quantity in a spray bottle and use it for any kind of mirrors. you can also use some water to dilute for the safety measure.