How To clean a Patio Easily

Maintaining your patio place is mandatory to have better relaxation during the summer season and to get more fun and enjoyment in evening times with your family.

Follow our tips to clean your patio easily 

Routine sweeping and brushing will keep your patio surface free from major dirt and prevents it from algae and fungus coating.

Step – step guidelines

Clean your patio with soap water

Cleaning with soap water is best to remove stains and spotted dirt from your patio.

If you dealing with long-lasted stains extra care has to be taken. First, you sweep your patio area so that some dust will be eliminated before treating with soapy water. Now mix soapy water or cleansing liquid with warm water and pour gently on the affected area. Now use a brush to scrub the stained area. More care has to take in a stubborn area.

cleaning Procedure : 

Step 1: Mix soap water/liquid to a bucket full of warm water.

Step 2: pour the mixture over the patio area

Step 3: Rub the affected area with a brush

Step 4: Rinse and clean with normal water

Step 5: Repeat the procedure for harder stains  make patio clean easily

Clean your patio with white vinegar

For a none toxic eco-friendly cleaning use vinegar instead of soapy water. Pick white vinegar that is natural one made from grains. Before start cleaning, take away the plants and furniture chances are there to get affected by the acidic acid present in the vinegar. In case for non-removable items spread a sheet over it to avoid damages.

Take a bucket of water and let a few drops of white vinegar to mix with and gently rub the area with the solution. Leave the mixture for twenty minutes. Now start brushing the patio areas with a bristled brush for more clearness. After finishing the scrubbing start mopping the area. Now you can see clear patio without any stains and weeds.

cleaning Procedure: 

Step 1: Move all gardening plants and furniture out of patio area

Step 2: To remove the weeds start sweep

Step 3:  now go for a solution ” mixture of water and vinegar”.

Step 4: Gently pour the solution in the floor

Step 5: leave it for 20 mins and gently scrub the area with a brush

Step 6:  now start Mopping

Clean your patio with a pressure washer 

Cleaning with pressure washer helps to remove the rest of dried cement and tougher materials away from the surface of the patio. It is the easiest way of cleaning your patio slabs. High pressure required in the heavily damaged area. So care should be taken to increase the pressure. A careful approach gives the best result in the pressure washer usage

cleaning Procedure:

Step 1: clean your patio area

Step 2: now start sweeping

Step 3: now connect pressure washer with water tube

Step 4: Turn on the water supply

Step 5: Allow it to all the locations of patio

Step 6: turn off the water supply

Step 7: let the place to dry.

A small maintaining task to keep your patio clean 

  • Sweep regularly
  • Trim gardening plants
  • Avoid growth of algae and moss
  • Remove the sand between the slaps
  • Clean and care about patio furniture
  • Need Finishing touch after every clean