How to clean home appliances quickly

How to clean home appliances quickly

Each appliance in your home has significance usage and you invested a huge amount to purchase all those Home appliances. Maintain those home appliances is not a difficult task as per your assumption. You can clean quickly with our cleaning tips and make your appliance to work efficiently for years.

Always go for homemade, non-chemical solutions instead of chemical cleaners to give your home lasting for a fresh smell.

How to Clean Refrigerator

Spray the internal portion of the refrigerator with a chemical-free homely made cleaning solution like “Lemon-water” or “Vinegar- water” solutions. For the long term and stubborn dirt use some mild foamy with water.

How to clean Dishwasher

For a dishwasher place a cup of homemade solution “vinegar -water “on the top rack of the dishwasher and start running the machine in a hot water mode. Also, sprinkle one tablespoon of baking soda across the bottom layer of the dishwasher and start the machine to run. This will clean out all the grease and bad odors from the dishwasher

How to clean Chimney

Before going for cleaning the chimney, clean the filters with the mild soapy solution with warm water to get rid of blocking. Soak the chimney filters in warm water for 10 minutes to loosen the grease, once the grimes are high let it for one hour and clean with running tap water. Do it twice in a month to avoid clogging.

How to clean Freezer

In most of the freezer, ice cubes frost builds and looks like a snow forming. With the help of refrigerator manual do cleaning the freezer in a routine. Before start cleaning keeps in mind to turn off the power supply and let it set for room temperature. Once the defrost happen clean the interior part of the freezer with a damp cloth dipped in a lime solution or mild foamy solution

How to clean Home appliance

How to clean the Washing Machine

Keep cleaning your washing machine on a regular basis to remove the detergent accumulation, to remove the grease from tub and water pipes. Run a washing machine in a drum cleaning mode and pour two cups of vinegar along with few drops of lemon juice. Make sure no cloths are leftover during the drum wash.incase you failed to clean in proper hire professional cleaners for an emergency.

How to clean Microwave

Keep one glass of lime- water solution inside the microwave and heat the solution for 5 minutes and leave the hot glass inside the microwave over 10 minutes. Now remove the glass and wipe off the decomposes with the help of the soft cotton cloth. All the food stains and oil grease got released from your microwave in this process.

How to Clean Stove clean all home appliance

When it comes to stove, you must clean every day after the use of a stove. Always keep a separate sponge or damp cloth for cleaning the stove and go for the mild solution. Clean the burner with the brush to get rid of food stuck and leave it to dry overnight. This will make you free from long-lasting blocks and makes you feel a non-grease look.