How to clean oven glass- A complete Guide

How to clean oven glass- A complete Guide

When comes to kitchen cleaning most of the people skips cleaning the oven. Oven clean seems to be one of the risky tasks and not included in the day to day cleaning. some housewives saw oven cleaning as a boring work, and they thought treating the accumulated food stains, greasy layer and food spills make more time and they consider this as a long process.

Smart tips for cleaning the oven glass

But the truth is cleaning the oven glass doesn’t take much time as they assume. If you skipped cleaning the oven in a regular time interval, the food left on the oven trays and glass tends to create the foul smell and sometimes it causes food poison.

You are the one among the people who consider the cleaning oven glass as a big task. Then this guide is for you.

In this blog, we created the ultimate guide to clean oven glass and make the oven cleaning process a more bearable and easiest job. In the end, you will learn how to get the sparkling oven glass by simple clean tips.

Guidelines to clean oven glass

What turns the oven glass messy?

Before getting into the cleaning guidelines, let’s check what are the things that create stains and mess on oven glass and make you oven to look dirty.

  • Splashes from the various food items

While cooking there is the chances for splashes and splatters from the respective dishes.  This splatter messes up your oven glass and accumulates as debris. This damages the oven look. The only way to avoid this kind of mess is the regular clean of oven glass.

  • Oil grease

Oil grease is the other one that makes the oven glass to look dull and dirty. While cooking oil and grease starts to accumulate with oven glass along with the steam. To restore the spotless window glass, you should clean your oven daily.

  • Food burnt

Food burnt is the occasional thing that happened on the oven glass. If you left the meal to overcook, then it gets burn due to the overheat.  This will turn as stubborn burn and this spot will get eliminate after cleaning the glass top. Baking soda is the best remedies to treat these kinds of stains.

Frequent and daily cleaning will eliminate all these dirt and stains and reset the sparkling look of the oven glass.  Also, let the professional cleaning experts to clean your oven glass once in a year to eliminate the stubborn stains and to ensure the brand-new look of your oven glass.

Hope now you are get cleared with what are the factors that cause stains and dirt to the oven glass. Now let’s move on to the what are the ways to clean oven glass and how to maintain the oven glass from the stains and greasy layers.

How to clean oven glass- A complete Guide

Guide to clean oven glass

Here are the ultimate guidelines for cleaning your oven glass on your own. To understand the deep cleaning terms, go through each step without skip, and eliminate long-lasting stubborn stains from the oven glass. Now you can clean your oven glass in an hour.

Step 1: Create a checklist to clean oven glass (Time took: 3 minutes)


Create a cleaning checklist and gather the following oven cleaning equipment that helps to undertake the oven glass cleaning process

clean oven glass

  • Branded oven cleaner or home-made cleanser
  • Hand gloves
  • Scrubber
  • Sponges
  • Dusting and microfiber cleaner
  • Cotton cloths

Step 2: Make the oven ready for cleaning (Time Taken: 5 minutes)

  • Make sure the oven switch is in the off state. Not only the oven while cleaning the home appliance with the liquids your appliance will in switched off. If possible, remove the plug from the power unit as a safety measure.
  • Ensure that your over should be cool while you are starting the cleaning
  • Put the hand gloves and make sure your arms are well covered
  • Open your kitchen windows for better ventilation
  • Remove if any food remains on the oven

checklist to clean oven glass

Step 3: Cleaning the oven glass (Time Taken: 50 minutes)

  • Use a homely prepared oven cleaner to clean oven glass or buy a standard oven glass cleanser from the market
  • Apply to a cleanser to the oven glass and let it for some period mentioned on the label
  • With the help of sponge or scrubber gently scrub the oven glass to remove the stains and debris
  • Also, you can use a used toothbrush to remove the stubborn and long-lasting stains from the oven glass.
  • Once done wipe off with the clean cotton cloth and let the oven glass dry.

Below is the quick guide to clean the oven glass smartly. up to now, there is no proven principle to clean the oven glass uniquely. You can handle many ways to clean oven glass, the only thing is you should confirm with the professional cleaners before practicing.

Let’s check what are the smart ways to clean oven glass and make it brand new.

  1. How to clean Oven glass with baking soda?

Cleaning oven glass in a smart way

  • Take a small amount of baking soda and mix with the warm water to make a fine solution. The ratio is 3:1. Stir the mixture well to form the fine paste.
  • Take a brush and apply the mixture over the oven glass. You can also apply the mixture by your hands to spread well.
  • Let the paste to remain on oven glass for 20 minutes to soften the stains and dirt resist on the oven glass.
  • Now take a sponge and give a gentle scrub to loosen the long-lasting stains.
  • Use the strongside of the sponge for the scrub and soft side of the sponge to wipe off the solution along with the stains.
  • After rinsing an oven glass, wipe off using the cotton cloth and let it dry.

Your oven glass looks like a brand new one!!!

  1. How to clean Oven glass with white vinegar?

How to clean Oven glass with white vinegar

  • Take a glass bowl and add a 2 tablespoon of white vinegar with baking soda and make a fine paste
  • Spread mixture eventually on the oven glass
  • Leave the mixture to rest on 15 mins
  • Wipe off with the help of a sponge and let the oven glass dry

Now the oven glass is super clean!!!

  1. How to clean Oven glass with lime?

How to clean Oven glass with lime

  • Lime is an excellent remedy to clean the oven glass. The citrus presents in the lime treat the stains and burns effectively
  • Cut the lime and take a juice in a separate bowl
  • Wet the sponge with the lime juice and give a gentle scrub
  • Once done wipe off the oven glass

Now you can see a sparkling effect on the oven class!!! 

Cleaning glass oven door easily

Here are the easiest ways to clean oven glass door in a simple Hacks

Method 1:  Lime Juice and vinegar

Materials needed: Apple cider vinegar, Lime juice, Scrubber, Sponge.

Cleaning glass oven door easily with lemon

  • Take a bowl and add apple cider vinegar or lime juice the choice is yours.
  • Place the bowl inside the oven
  • Heat the oven until the liquid solution starts to evaporate
  • Turn off the oven and let the oven to cool
  • This makes stubborn stains to get loosen easily
  • Now gently wipe oven glass, to collect all stains and dirt!!

Method 2:  Natural Oven glass cleanser

Materials Needed: Cleanser, spray bottle, wiping sponge

Cleaning glass oven door easily

  • Keep the oven warm
  • Now spray the cleaning solution directly on the oven glass
  • Let it for 5 minutes
  • Wipe it away with a sponge of fine cloth.

Tips to clean brown stained oven door glass

Tips to clean brown stained oven door glass

Brown stain is due to the overheat of dishes or splatters, here is the solution to clean burnt or brown stained oven door glass.

  • Take one cup of boiling water
  • Take a cup of vinegar
  • Take ½ cup of baking soda

In a bowl mix all the ingredients and take the solution in a spray bottle, spray the solution on the over the glass and wipe it away.

  • Take a green tea bag
  • Let the oven heat
  • Keep the green tea bag along with the cup of water
  • Turn off the oven and wipe off

how to clean oven glass

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Teabags eliminate the burnt smell from the oven glass and you can also use lemons and cinnamon stick along with the tea bags

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