How to Clean Paving Slabs? – A Complete Guide

How to clean Paving Slabs_ – A Complete Guide

Paving slabs made of either natural stones or concrete cement used for patios, driveways, and pathways. Natural stones paving slabs are like granites, marbles, sandstone, and limestone. To keep up the look of paving slabs, regular cleaning of paving slabs and maintenance are must avoid staining and build-ups.

If you missed doing the regular cleaning your paving slabs will get layered by the algae and fungi results in color dullness of the paving surface. There are several cleaning methods to remove the dirt and stains from the pavers.

Step by Step guide to clean the Paving Slab

If you are looking for the paving slabs cleaning, then you are in the right place. In this blog, we provide a step-step by cleaning guide for paving slabs and showing how to clean the paving slab with detergent, vinegar, and Bleach.

After reading this guide, you will handle the cleaning process by yourself and you know the methods to get rid of dirt and stains that masking the appearance of the paving slabs. At the end of the cleaning process, you will get amazed after seeing the difference between before and after look.

Paving slab cleaning is like patio cleaning. If you are new to patio cleaning work, check out our patio cleaning guide that helps to understand about patio cleaning.

How to clean paving slabs

What you need to clean paving slabs

The first step in paving cleaning is to collect all the cleaning  tools and cleaning solutions required for cleaning the paving slabs

Basic paving cleaning tools

  • A bucket full of water
  • A bristled brush
  • Connecting pipes access to tab water
  • Detergent or soap water
  • Bleaching agents available on markets
  • Vinegar

Before buying detergents or bleaching agents discuss with the professional cleaning experts and get the suitable one for your paving slabs. First, test the cleaning agents with a smaller portion and wait for some time to check if any harmful reactions occur on the natural stone then continue your cleaning.

weed before cleaning the paving slab

Here we listed the top three cleaning methods to maintain your paving slabs without any stain and fungi build-ups. 

  1. Cleaning your paving slab with detergent

cleaning your paving slab with detergent or soap water is for delicate paving slabs and that to remove the minor dirt and lite staining.

 Things needed for cleaning paving slabs with detergents 

  • Separate broom for slabs
  • Detergents, soap water or crystal soap powders
  • Warm water to dissolve the detergents
  • Bristled brush
  • Water source

Cleaning your paving slab with detergent

Brush along with broom and detergent solution is enough for cleaning the paving slabs having fewer stains. For long-lasting stains, you need to take extra care.  If you found medium stain apply a water force that helps to eliminate such a medium amount of stains.

Step 1: Declutter

Decluttering your paving slab makes the paving area clear that helps to detect the stain areas easily.

Step 2: Sweeping

After decluttering, sweep the paving area and eliminate any dust or plant leaves fall on the slabs. Sweep the slab twice to make a space better for cleaning and this will help to absorb the soapy solution easily.

Step 3: Apply the Detergent water

Now your slab is perfect to pour the detergent, Mix the detergent or soapy water in a bucket full of warm water. Then pour the mixed solution on a stained area.

Step 4: scrubbing

With the help of broom or brush scrub the slab area to make clean. Concentrate more on heavily stained areas.

Step 5: wash- away

Once you did, rinse the paving slab with the water to eliminate the dirty soapy layer. Wash the surface twice and leave the slab overnight to set.

  1. Cleaning your slab with vinegar solution 

Cleaning your paving slab with vinegar solution is the best cleaning option and it comes under the natural cleaning method. Cleaning with vinegar solution is best to eliminate the stubborn stains and dirt.

 Things needed for cleaning paving slabs with vinegar solution 

  • Strong broom
  • Water bucket
  • Weeding tool
  • Scrubbing brush
  • White vinegar

Cleaning your slab with vinegar solution 

Step 1: Remove the plants and furniture

Due to the presence of acidic acid in the vinegar solution, make sure all your plant pots and furniture are removed from the slab. If you can’t able to remove any items, cover them with any sheets.

Step 2: weeding

Before the cleaning process with the help of weeding tool and dug out the roots of any weeds appearance on joining point. Another best way to remove the weeds is to pour the boiling water on weeds.

Step 3: sweeping

With the help of the garden, broom sweeps the slab and make sure the portion is ready for cleaning.

Step 4: Applying Vinegar Solution

Take a half bucket of water and mix another portion with white vinegar and pour the mixture to the paved area and spread eventually on the whole surface. Make sure all the potion of the paved area is covered by the solution. Let the solution soak for 30 minutes.

while applying the solution first test with a small portion and then proceed with the entire surface.

Step 5: Wash- away

With the help of a scrubbing brush, give a gentle scrub to the affected area and clean out all the stains. Once you did, rinse the surface with cold water and replace all your thing once the place is dry. 

  1. Cleaning your paving slab with bleaching powder 

Bleaching powder is effective for cleaning the surface which is affected by the algae. There is more possibility for the presence of algae in the paving area. Now remove that all by cleaning the slab by using the Bleaching powder

Things needed for cleaning paving slabs with Bleaching Powder

  • Garden Broom
  • Warm water and bucket
  • Bristled brush for scrubbing
  • Bleaching powder

Cleaning your paving slab with Bleaching powder 

Step 1: Scrubbing

With the help of Bristled brush scrub the paved area and eliminate the top covering dust and stains.

Step 2: Sweeping

After scrubbing sweep the entire slab and make sure there is no dust.

Step 3: Treat the place with warm water

After sweeping, treat the place with warm water that helps to loosen the algae’s roots or other small plants. Pour the warm water with full force into the slab area.

Step 4: Spread the Bleaching powder

Equally spread the bleaching powder to the entire slab area and let it for 45 minutes and then remove it from the surface by giving the slight scrub

Step 5: Wash- away

With the help of pressure washer clean the whole place and let the place dry.

How to clean concrete paving slabs?

 you must keep your paving area clean as well as other areas in your house. Here are guidelines to clean concrete or cement paving slabs. Move all the furniture and plants from the paving area and sweep the surface to remove the dust and dirt. Remove the weeds grown on pavers. Then you can follow any one of the paving cleaning methods mentioned above and make your cement paving clean and tidy. Instead of using acid-based cleaning liquids go for a normal soapy solution and chemical-free vinegar solution to clean the paving slab made of types of cement. Cement paving slabs are easy to maintain and clean, only a deep sweep and soapy water are enough to make the place better.

cleaning Paving slab with vinegar

How to clean paving slabs without a pressure washer? 

A pressure washer is an effective way of cleaning methods for driveways, paving slabs, and patio areas. But not all the houses having the facility pressure washing. Here is the step by step guide to clean the paving slabs without the pressure washer.

Step 1: Remove any specks of dust or weeds

Dust and weeds make you paving the slab look dirty and if you failed to treat this regularly the weeds grow in fast in the gaps. With the weed, the tool removes all weeds from its root and stop the growth. Remove the weeds as soon as possible along with its roots.

Step 2: Apply the cleaning solution to the paving area

 Mix the soapy liquids or detergents with warm water and stir it for few mins for the formation of gentle foam. Now the cleaning solution is ready, pour this cleaning solution to the stained area and leave it for some time.

Paving slab cleaning without pressure washer

 Step 3: scrubbing

 With the help of hard bristled brush start scrubbing, use a brush having a long handle for an easy job. Keep scrubbing until all the dust and stains get removed from the paving slab. While scrubbing all the dust and long-lasting stains starts to loosen. Repeat this process to remove all the dust and make the area clean.

 Step 4: Rinse the paving area with water

 After scrubbing get ready for washing the place with the normal water. Rinse the place to wash away all the dust and repeat the process until all the place looks clean.

 Step 5: set the place

 Once the place gets dry, sweep the place once again and place all the things back to the paving slab.

How to clean paving slabs

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Final Words

Hope you are getting cleared how to clean the paving slab on your own and what are the tricks to maintain the slab clean and clear. Regular cleaning and sweeping are must for paving slab to ensure the clean look.