How to clean your staircase carpet

clean stair case

Carpeting provides lots of advantages to your houses for a long decade. It creates a warmness to your house during the cold season, it can keep the house warm by insulating the outside weather condition. It has an advantage towards the sound, so it softened the loud acoustic effect within the house.

Wall to wall carpeting helps to protect the house from pant damage and it prevents your kid from slipping on the floor.

Carpeting helps to create a great atmosphere by its color and design, and it helps to hide the damaged floor and walls.

Some houses having two to three floors with a staircase inside the building. The carpets play a great role in that staircase. Carpeting on the staircase gives a royal look and it helps to prevent slipping on the stairs. Some people have doubts about the staircase carpets like normal stairs are difficult to clean on the fixed period, how do carpeted stairs get proper cleaning?  Although the carpets are fixed to the stairs and it is not easy to remove like the floor carpets.

For the several quires like how to clean the stair carpets, how to steam the carpet stairs, how to remove the stains from the stair carpet and so on, you must follow the tips for the maintenance.

Some tips for your staircase carpet to look bright and shine

Usually, your carpet doesn’t get dirt in a single moment, the dust will accumulate day to day and create the stain build-up and finally, you noticed the color change. Your carpet turns to be faded if it is surrounded by the heavy stains. So, you can dust it daily to remove the day to day dirt with the help of a bristled broom or scrubbing brush.

The simple tip to maintain your stair carpet is to regular and daily cleaning with the separate brush and sweep the stairs from top to bottom and collect all the dust in the dustbin tray with the help of sweeping broom or brush.

With the help of carpet cleaning shampoo clean the stains. Buy the good carpet shampoo from the market and mix the little portion with the water and then with the help of the brush, apply it to the stained area. Leave it for some time and use a cloth to dry out the moisture area or use a hairdryer to eliminate the wetness. After drying you can witness the stains away from your carpet.

stair case carpet cleanaing

Cleaning a carpet with the help of vacuum is another solution to get rid of stains and build-ups, use lightweight vacuum so you can handle it without any difficulty. First, go for brushing and scrubbing and use a hose to suck all the molded dust that deeply enriched in the carpet fibers.

Also, use a steam cleaner for heavy stains, it has many functions towards your carpets like pet hair removal from your carpets, long-lasting stain removal, and extraction of build-up dirt. steam cleaner first loosens the tight stains from your carpet, then you can easily collect all the dirts by the single sweep.