How to clean out messy dirt’s with your vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are one of the greatest inventions that help to make cleaning work simple. Most of the people like vacuuming instead of sweeping to clean carpets, sofas, and floors. Vacuum cleans every dirt away from your home, same time vacuum needs to be maintained properly to work continuously without any repair. If the vacuum is not maintained properly, you are using the same dirty vacuum to tends to spread dirt and dust around the surface rather than the cleaning.

Cleaning your vacuum once in a month prevents the spreading of dust and any allergy or infections related problems in your home.

Things to be considered before you start

  • Before you start the cleaning, process there are few more things you must be considered
  • Unplug your vacuum first
  • Clean it in an open and well air circulated area
  • Refer your manual before you start if you missed your manual provided by the manufacturer don’t be panic refer to the online site of the manufacturer brand.
  • Before dismantling check the videos provided along with user guidance twice to locate the filter and other internal parts.

Tools you needed

For the cleaning process following tools are required

  1. A bucket full of Water
  2. Dishwashing soap/detergent liquid
  3. Microfiber cloths
  4. Compressed air
  5. Cleaning brush
  6. Hand gloves
  7. Scrubber
  8. Scratchpads
  9. Knife Tool Boxclean all messy in Vacuum

Steps involved  in Cleaning Process

Step 1: clean your vacuum Filter
  • Before start cleaning, you should check your manufacturer manual for the location of the filters. Cleaning your filter is most important because it is the major part that causes dust and gets affected by the dust easily. The dust particles present in the filters make your floor even dirt. After cleaning you can spot some dirt patches on your floor.
  • Remove the filters from your vacuum and wash it with cool water. After washing let the filters dry for an hour.
  • Replace the filters back to the vacuum after 24 hours of washing.
Step 2: clean your Vacuum Canister

Using a bag on your vacuum is not advisable, you have to change the bag whenever it gets full.

  • Remove the canister from the vacuum
  • Empty the wastes into the garbage bag.
  • With the help of the manufacturer guide, separate the parts of the canister.
  • Then soak the parts in soapy warm water.
  • With the help of the brush, you can scrub the parts to remove the dirt and smell
  • Rinse it well in running water and allow it to dry.
  • Don’t use the canister from the 24 hours of cleaning.
Step 3: cleaning the interior parts of the vacuum

tools to clean the messy vacuum

  • Now with the help of scrub clean the interior parts of the vacuum
  • To get rid of the debris you can brush downwards and wipe off the parts with the microfiber cloth.
  • If you found any composed particles, let the compressed air to clean away.
Step 4: cleaning your Power Head
  • While cleaning your carpet area the dirt like hair and debris caught up in the powerhead of your vacuum cleaner and it may stop the vacuum from the proper Woking.
  • With the help of brush and knife toolbox cut off all the stuff present in the bristles.
Step 5: clean other vacuum attachments
  • The vacuum attachments are quite simple to clean.
  • Just drop the attachments in the bucket filled with the warm water and dishwashing solution.
  • Soak the attachments for an hour and start brushing it if needs and let them dry.