Step by Step cleaning Ideas to clean your Bathtub

Step by Step cleaning Ideas to clean your Bathtub

No one will like to take a relaxing bath in a dirty bathtub. If you ignore to clean a bathtub then it becomes harder to clean and day to day the stains become harder. Cleaning a bathtub in a routine helps to remove the soap scum, greasy oil, body wash products and salt deposit from the tub and makes your bathtub look shiny and clean. Concentrate more on the rim and fixture area of bathtubs where the dirt and stains get hidden and build mold or mildew. Put more time and bit effort to treat the corner place and fixtures and eliminate all stains and dirt deposits with the power cleaning products.

Sometimes cleaning a tub to give a sparkling effect needs some guidance. Here we provide some tips to clean your bathtub. Follow the step-by-step procedure and make your bathtub look better to enjoy the spa-like environment in your bathroom.

cleaning Ideas for Bathtub

Bath Tub cleaning Ideas step by step

  1. Spray the cleaning products on Tub

Before cleaning the other bathroom areas, spray effective cleaning agents on the tub area gently and allow it to make a thin layer on the entire tub. Block all the water incomes and let the spray for one hour to spread all over the sides and corners of the tub. Allowing cleaning solutions to stand more than one hour helps to dissolve the soap scum, oils, shampoos and it loosens heavy stains and dirt. To treat the stubborn stain, make the paste of baking soda and water then apply this mixture on the stains and allow it for a few minutes. Once the mixture gets dry, give a gentle wipe and rinse.

  1. Scrubbing

With the help of a scrubbing brush remove the rings made by soaps and shampoo bottles or deposits in the bathtub. Give a hard scrub to the corners and tiles so that all the dirt and deposits will easily get eliminate from the tub. While cleaning the bathtub give some attention to the hand showers. If you don’t have a scrubbing brush you can also use a toothbrush that does a great job in removing the deposit in your bathtub. While cleaning sprinkle some baking soda and scrub to get rid of any algae.

cleaning Ideas for Bathtub

  1. Rinse and clean

After scrubbing now it’s the time to rinse and clean. Use the general floor cleaning liquid or tiles cleaning products and mix with a half bucket of water. Drop bucket water in a force that helps to wash away all the dirt and makes your tub to look new. Repeat this process to collect all the soapy agents from the tub and allow your tub to dry completely. Once you get satisfied with your tub use the hand shower to rinse once that collects some standing soapy foams.

Place some perfumed candles and clean white towels and fragrance packets for refreshing and to give the spa-like environment. Bathing is also a kind of meditating. Everyone wishes to spend more time on their tub for relaxing. so, keeping the place more pleasant gives a better experience.