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Don’t let the dirt, grime, dust, and residue on your factory floor worry you.

No more sleepless nights because of the hazard residue in your industrial facility.

Forget your concerns about the hygiene and cleanliness levels in your factory.

Think high-level cleaning for your work zones, think Industrial Cleaning solutions.

What is Industrial Cleaning?

Quick Cleaning offers industrial cleaning services and comprehensive cleaning solutions to your industrial zones, factories, and commercial spaces.

Our Industrial Cleaning provides high-grade cleaning of your different industrial zones and facilities like





Manufacturing units

Loading zones



We ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of all your work areas including

  • Floors and carpets
  • Walls
  • Windows and glasses
  • Pipes
  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • Exhaust fans
  • Tools
  • Restrooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Air-conditioning ducts.

Types of Industrial Cleaning

Manual Cleaning

Manual cleaning is the cleaning process that your janitor follows every day. It is essential for maintaining a daily cleanliness system.

  • It is done manually with simple brooms, cloths, and brushes
  • It doesn’t require any mechanical or advanced equipment
  • It is not suitable for industrial zones with heavy levels of dirt and contamination.

High-pressure spray cleaning

If you are looking for an effective cleaning solution for stubborn grime, dirt, and residue on large areas, you need the service of a high-pressure cleaning system. A highly effective solution of water and disinfectants is sprayed on floors, vehicles, storage drums, containers, external pipes, and even tanks

Immersion cleaning

As a factory superintendent or plant manager, your prime concern is the proper functioning and maintenance of machinery. Such small and delicate equipment cannot be washed with high-pressure cleaning. Rely on professionals who use immersion cleaning techniques for your valuable equipment

Foam cleaning

It can be quite a hassle for factory managers to ensure cleaning spaces which are not easily accessible. Our team at Quick Cleaning Services offers Foam cleaning services for these cumbersome unreachable zones. Advanced foaming chemicals are used to remove grime, dirt, and bacteria with the help of chemical abrasion from hard-to-reach areas.

Industrial Vacuuming

A lot of times, industrial zones especially godowns, warehouses, labs, and manufacturing areas experience the difficulty of removing dirt, grime, and residue. Most conventional cleaning techniques fail to provide necessary results.

It is time for you to call for Industrial vacuuming services. Industrial vacuuming uses high-grade powerful vacuums to remove difficult residue from flooring, walls, machines, equipment, and difficult to reach corners of your workspace.

Industrial pressure cleaning

Industrial foam cleaning

Industrial Vacuuming

These advanced cleaning solutions are recommended for specific industries, keeping in mind the common problems that units in those fields may encounter.

Asbestos Removal

If your factory premise is in an older building your workers are exposed to asbestos fibers. Airborne microscopic asbestos is commonly found in drywalls, fireproofing, roofs of older buildings. Also, the look of asbestos affects the standard and look of your building and it is advisable to replace it with the new one.Call a professional cleaning service for high-grade asbestos removal

Hydro Blasting

Several industrial units need to remove paint, epoxy coating, lead, and other residues from both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The conventional method of grit blasting is now being replaced by hydro blasting. This is a form of high-pressure washing that is commonly used for removing paint residue, metal corrosion, and other hazardous industrial debris.


Factory managers of chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturing units are always apprehensive about the harmful effects of dangerous chemical contamination. Traditional methods of cleaning prove to be inadequate for such harmful contamination. You need powerful decontamination cleaning services to ensure your work area is completely decontaminated

Benefits of Industrial Cleaning

Most human resource managers and factory superintendents have realized the importance of industrial cleaning in maintaining the safety and hygiene of employees.

Industrial cleaning solutions prevent contamination and ensure that you have a risk-free working area. They help eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses

A clean working environment ensures a high level of efficiency and productivity of your workers in your industry.

Well maintained industrial areas are less prone to accidents and other dangerous incidents. You are sure to pay less insurance premium if you have a regular industrial maintenance track record for your business.

Industrial cleaning solutions are necessary for you to meet local as well as international regulatory safety norms for your employees.

Most factory managers vouch for the positive effect of industrial cleaning on expensive equipment. It helps to improve the life span of machinery and results in substantial cost savings in the long run.

Prices of Industrial Cleaning

If you are worried about the high cost of industrial cleaning services, worry not.

Industrial cleaning is a cost-effective solution for your business. The best way to get started with your industrial cleaning budget is to call professional cleaners who offer a complimentary on-site survey.

During the survey, they study the scope of work in detail and provide a comprehensive cleaning plan and cost estimate to you.

Prices of Industrial Cleaning depend on

Basic cleaning solutions may cost less compared to deep-cleaning or industry-specific cleaning services

  • The cost of cleaning industries with a high threat of contamination and discharge hazard is higher. For example, cleaning solutions for the pharmaceutical industry may be higher than cleaning services for restaurants
  • A frequent cleaning plan is less expensive than a one-off cleaning session. By thumb rule, it is cheaper to pay for more cleaning hours as compared to less cleaning hours.
  • You may end up paying more for your factory site that is located in a remote location versus a factory located near the city.

Why choose Quick Cleaning?

Quick Cleaning services is one of London’s best professional cleaning services.

Here’s why Quick Cleaning is the perfect bet for your industrial cleaning needs:

  • We offer same-day services to our clients. All you need to do is call our helpline and our well trained and efficient staff will ensure a clean and safe working place.
  • We work to meet your working schedules. Just let us know your convenient time and day. Our professionals will work in the most unobtrusive way possible.
  • Our cleaning experts are specially trained for industrial cleaning. No worries about damage to expensive machinery or equipment
  • Go by our customer feedback—with a 99% finishing the task record, 95% happy client rate, and 95% friendly customer service.

“Whether you need a sparkling clean factory zone or a neat and tidy commercial space, our team of industrial cleaning experts is there for all your needs”