Tips for keeping your rental property clean

Tips for keeping your rental property clean

Managing your rental property between different tenants can be a little stressful work. As an owner you have more responsibility to maintain your property by regular inspection, background check, collecting the monthly rent, and cleaning the property. Sometimes cleaning the property is simple and other times it will end with some trouble. There are different rules and rental agreement policy, it depends on the tenants and building. Commercial rental policy differs from the domestic rental policy. Whatever it may the rules, you should maintain your rental property clean and neat to attract new tenants.

Advantage of keeping your property clean

A cleaning property has many advantage and benefits

  • It makes tenants take care of your property and maintain the same
  • A clean property always goes for the high rental
  • A clean and well-maintained property allows the longevity period of tenants
  • For the maintenance also you can charge high if the property is maintaining in a clean manner.

keeping Rental property clean

How to keep the rental property clean

  1. Allow Tenants to clean the property

Before the handover, the property to your tenants creates a clear checklist to clean the rental property monthly, quarterly, and annually and clearly explain the responsibility in maintaining the property. Strictly follow the rules and inform them if the property is not maintained in the desired way, you have all response to deduct their deposit money. So, same before leaving your property, you arrange inspection after the end of tenancy cleaning and check all things that come under the tenancy agreement.

  1. Always update your furniture and Appliances to attract the tenants

Check the household things like wooden furniture and appliances and replace the outdated things and update with new appliances to collect more rental and attract more tenants.

The appliances such as dishwashers, gas stoves, refrigerators, and other electronic appliances will become grimy and these things are tough to clean. So, replacing such home appliances is much better than cleaning.

Maintain the same procedure for your rental furniture property. Also, replace the mattress and carpets if you feel outdated.

Replacing such things in a timely manner will give the greater look to your rental property.

Maintain rental house

  1. Regularly check for Maintenance

Regular maintenance also the other fact to maintain your rental property clean. Keeping track of regular maintenance will help to handle to tenancy cleaning. only a rare client will maintain the property in perfect condition. So monthly inspection is better to maintain the property clean and neat for the whole year.

Rental house cleaning checklist

  1. Check the plumbing works and sort out if any leakage occurs in the basement areas.
  2. Check the outdoor and clean the outdoor places like the patio, outdoor garden, lawn area, parking area, swimming pool, etc
  3. Ensure the performance of proper pest control
  4. Repair the household things and appliances immediately if any fault occurs
  5. Replace the old and updated things in a timely manner