How to Manage End of Tenancy Cleaning

How to Manage End of Tenancy Cleaning

Here is the guide that helps you to understand what is the end of tenancy cleaning and how to handle the end of tenancy cleaning to get the full deposit from the landlord. Many people getting only a half amount of tenancy amounts due to the reason for improper cleaning and your cleaning doesn’t meet the landlord’s expectation.

Generally, if you are move-in to the new property or house you should expect everything in a clean and fair. Same while you are moving out you have to handover the property as the same for the next tenants.

Have a checklist before cleaning and make sure that all the household things are cleaned in a professional condition. As per the tenancy agreement if you return the property key with the standard clean there is no possibility for a reduction in your security deposit.

So clean everything and professionally and make the property in a perfect outlook before your landlord or house owner visits for the final inspection.

Terms to be considered in Tenancy cleaning based on the tenancy agreement 

  • The full deposit of tenancy amount is depending on the condition of your house
  • In an agreement, if anything is mentioned like the cleaning is performed only by that professional then you must call nearby professionals to handle that particular cleaning mentioned in the agreement

         Example: Carpet cleaning / Steam cleaning  

  • Your landlords or estate agent can expect or demand a high level of cleaning
  • If you didn’t get the full deposit back from the landlord even after the cleaning, you can raise complaints against them on the court.
  • Any over deduction without the reference of the rental agreement, the tenants have the right to make an issue on landlord or house owners. end of tenancy cleaning kitchen

 Here are some tips to handle the end of tenancy cleaning

Handle the tenancy cleaning after replacing all the belongings from the house. If you cleaning your place along with all the house-hold things, furniture and belongings then it takes more time and even there are the chances for damages to your valuable property while cleaning.

Many tenants wish to handle the end of tenancy cleaning services on their own. This is a good decision, but you must understand the end of tenancy cleaning with a proper manual or visual. Here we gathered some tips from the professional cleaner to handle the tenancy cleaning properly.

  • Gather all your necessary home cleaning tools.
  • Pack all your belongings in a separate box and with the help of the marker label it for identification.
  • Have a checklist along with the rental agreement and check what are the things or area covered in the tenancy cleaning.
  • Before starting the cleaning wear mask and gloves to protect yourself from the dust and dirts
  • once the cleaning is done take a snap and sent it to your house owner to finalize everything that is cleaned properly. In case any changes need or any extra cleaning is needed, make those things perfect before they coming for inspection