Mopping Hacks for sparkling Floor

Mopping Hacks for flooring

Flooring Is the best attractive way to showcase your building clean and fresh look. If the flooring is not maintained properly the appearance and look for your buildings gradually will lose their glossy attention. Here we mentioned some floor cleaning hacks for building owners to know how to clean the flooring of their buildings.

The mopping is the simplest way of cleaning. One of the traditional styles of mopping is “Mop with a bucket” but now there are different types of mops available in the market for a stunning and sparkling floor. I had listed some of mopping styles

  • Flat mop cleaner
  • Sponge mop cleaner
  • Steam mop cleaner
  • Spin mop cleaner
  • Microfiber mop cleaner
  • Vacuum mop cleaner

Ceramic flooring and tiles need regular mopping to get rid of stains and long-term dust. Once the flooring tends to be too dirty you will crave some creative mopping hacks to fetch the original sparkling on your floor. Usually, people will recommend cleaning your floor with vinegar and water to keep the shining floor. We suggest various ways that you can attempt


Mopping Hacks for sparkling floor

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide 

The long-term stains occur on the floor yanks the elegance of tiles. There are several chemical cleaning products available, but we are not advised to use those products inside your house. So for that, you can use Hydrogen peroxide to clean your floor. It is a none toxic and substance you can use this to alternate bleach products

Step 1. Spray a little amount of Hydrogen peroxide over the flooring

Step 2. Let the spray rest for two hours.

Step 3. Start scrubbing the floor with a scrubber brush.

Step 4. Now start mopping your floor to give a sparkling look.

  1. Baking soda

In your kitchen area, some greasy and oil split creates a dirty look to your flooring. Regular mopping is the fairest remedy but if failed to do then it would be difficult to clean. In that case, you can use baking soda to see the wonder on your floor.

Step 1: Mix a baking soda with a hydrogen peroxide solution

Step 2:  Now treat the grease substance with hot water to melt

Step 3: use of a sponge clean up the stains

Mopping Hacks for flooring

Step 4: Now gently wet the floor with the solution of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to remove the stubborn stains

Step 5: Now start mopping the floor to get the sparking effects.

  1. Vinegar 

To treat the effects of hard water stains vinegar is the best solution. Some steady says the tiles are water-resistant but you can notice the hard water accumulation on the tile. To prevent such factor keep wiping your floor after every use. But such a factor is not possible in all situations that use some cleaning agents to clean such water stains.vinegar is the best homemade solution to treat water stains from your flooring.

Step 1: Mix baking soda and white vinegar into a thick paste

Step 2: scrub the paste in the stained area and leave it overnight

Step 3: Now start Mopping, to reset the sparkling shine on your floor.

In case you don’t have enough time to handle your floor with such hacks and it is an advisable process of hiring some professional cleaning agents near your location.