Guide for Office cleaning- Time Scheduling

Guide for Office cleaning- Time Scheduling

To maintain your office area clean and tidy, you should have to do the cleaning work routinely to remove all the dust in the traffic areas. If you are handling a routine cleaning, you don’t worry about your office mess. At the end of the daily cleaning, your office will look like a new place that increases productivity on another hand.

A clean office welcomes your employees and your customer in a more pleasant way and it’s a mandatory thing to make a first impression among the clients or customers by keeping your working place clean from its doorstep.

Office Cleaning checklist

clean you office place

Before starting your cleaning process, collect the materials and tools that need for office cleaning.

  •  Broomstick and Pans
  •  Mops
  •  Garbage bags
  •  Cleaning Liquids and solutions
  •  Dust collecting brush
  •  Sponge
  •  Scrubber
  •  Bucket/ water
  •  Plan and schedule a cleaning routine

Another main thing in cleaning is to schedule the timing for cleaning. pre-scheduling helps to speed up your cleaning process and to handle the situations based on the employee’s presence. Try to schedule the cleaning date on off days to faceless foot traffic. cleaning on less foot traffic days is much better and easier than other days. Best time for scheduling the cleaning process

1.   Mopping early morning before work starts

2.   Clean the worktables at Lunch break

3.   Clean the cafeteria on working hour

Mopping early morning before work starts

Schedule the time for mopping before the incoming of employees, that helps you to clean the place without any disturbance and the floor will dry before the incoming of peoples. Before mopping the place make sure there is no dust on the floors. Use any cleaning liquids and add some perfumes for the pleasant office place

Clean the worktables at Lunch break

Another major part of office cleaning is to clean the working tables. Everyone likes to work on a clean table, but they should not maintain the table as clean. So, you must maintain the working table clean and neat to keep the employee’s mindset always fresh that helps to increase productivity. Cleaning on working hours may disturb their work. So, the best time for cleaning their table is during break times. The cleaning includes

  • Take out all the trashes
  • Remove the unwanted things
  • Arrange the files
  • Give a gentle wipe to the table and devices
  • Wipe off if you inspect any stains or food spills

Clean the cafeteria on working hour

Next to the working table, most of the employees spend more time in the cafeteria, and you must keep the coffee tables and seating clean and hygienic which helps to keeps the pest or any insects away. Make sure the cleaning process will be handled only on working hours before the break and after the break. So, you easily clean any kind of food stains instantly. The cleaning includes

  • Clean the tables
  • Wash the plates and cups
  • Collect the waste foods and through away