DIY Cleaning products That helps out Natural cleaning 

DIY cleaning agents for natural clean

Cleaning your house is an essential task helps to keep your surroundings to stay healthy and germ-free. Another concern about cleaning is to choose the cleaning products that do not make any harm to your home. Instead of spending a huge amount of cleaning products, you can utilize the use of basic items that you have already in your home. With the help of those products create your cleaning solutions.

The common household cleaning solutions

DIY cleaning products

Baking Soda. Baking soda is an effective cleaning agent that helps to get rid of any stains from the surface.

Distilled White Vinegar. Likewise baking soda, white vinegar also has the feature of the cleaning process. It eliminates all hard and stubborn stains from any surface. You can also use the mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. It eliminates any odor from your home and your devices like the refrigerator, microwave, and glass showers.

Hydrogen Peroxide. You can already have the solution of antiseptic drugs in your first aid box. You can use this solution to eliminate the paint spills in your doors, walls, and your furniture.

Liquid Dish Wash. You can already stock the liquid dishwashing soapy solution in your cabinet. You can use the liquid dishwasher as a multi dishwashing agent.

Salt. Salt is a good cleaning agent. It is cheaper too. It works for many glass products. You can simply use a mix of salt and warm water to clean the home appliances and for the floor.

Lemon. Citrus in lemon helps to eliminate any kind of dirt and stains from your home. You can use the combination of lemon with vinegar and also baking soda.

Rubbing Alcohol: You can use an alcoholic agent as a running cleaning solution for the great result.

Corn starch: A corn starch helps you to clean the class products and home appliances.

Tea tree oil:  Tea tree oil has a microbial substance, you can use tea tree oil as an effective cleaning agent.

Cleaning products from your home kitchen

Basic Cleaning supplies you all need

  • Scrubbing Brush-Buy a good quality of scrubbing brush that helps to scrub the surface after the splitting of baking soda
  • Bucket-Pick a bucket that helps you to mix the water with vinegar, lemon, and another cleaning agent. Buy a different size of buckets.
  • Microfiber cloth-Microfiber cloth helps to wipe off any dirt and it is used to dry out the cleaned spaces.
  • Spray Bottle-Pick a spray bottle that helps to spray out the hydrogen peroxide solution or distilled vinegar and other solutions.
  • Mop-Pick a mop with the desired height. There are different verities of mop available in the market. You can also buy a mop bucket along with a mop
  • Water-Essential for all kinds of cleaning processes for the mixing of cleaning agents and to dilute certain cleaning agents. Also, there is a need for warm water for some cleaning process.

Safety measures you should consider

To ensure that your homemade solutions are safe and effective you need to consider some safety measures before using those products.

  • Test the small portion first
  • Never experiment with the untested cleaning products.
  • Use hand gloves to avoid Irritations
  • Check the validation date regularly
  • Store the products away from your kids and pets