Top 10 Professional Room cleaning Tips for a Hotel

Top 10 Professional Room cleaning Tips for a Hotel

Housekeeping is like an art among the other cleaning works. They should know all the tricks to keep the hotel room in an attractive manner on both the inner and outer sides to get positive feedback from the guests and visitors. Mostly the hotel owners hire well trained and experienced cleaning professionals for cleaning the hotel room. sometimes they hire permanent housekeeping employees otherwise they go for the cleaning companies who offer professional hotel cleaning services. Also, the hotel owners will arrange training sessions for their housekeeping employees to clean the hotel room in a professional way, how to use the right tools for cleaning, and how-to speed-up the cleaning process.

Here we collected the top 10 tips from the professional cleaning agency, to handle the cleaning process for the hotel rooms. Let’s see how professional cleaning trips are useful for housekeeping employees and hotel owners to clean the hotel room in a professional manner.

hotel cleaning checklist

checklist for Hotel cleaning  – Professional Guide

While entering a room double knock the room and say “Housekeeping”. This is the mandatory announcement to be followed in all hotels for mannerism.  Once you entered the room hang the tag “cleaning on-process” on the doors.

  1. Start with stripping the Bedsheets

Once entered the room switch off the fans and AC and starts with strip the bedsheets. This helps to remove all the dust and dirt in the sheets.

  1. Check for any stains

Inspect the bedsheets, pillow covers, and mattress for stains, damage, tiny hairs, or any food spills.  Make the bed and comforters in a proper manner and let them speak your hotel standards.

  1. Remove all rubbish

Spend some time and remove all the dirty linen covers and rubbishes from the hotel rooms. Check the entire room, including the bathroom, and remove all the visible rubbishes from the room.

  1. Dusting / Wiping

Take extra care while dusting, because any kind of small dust make your room to look like a dirty and uncleaned. Your room should be well dusted by covering all the areas and furniture. Check all the room appliances, wall hangings, and fittings and eliminate all specks of dust. Once the dusting is done, with the help of wet cotton cloth wipe the entire room at a glance.

  1. Sanitizing

After dusting and wiping sanitize all the high traffic areas like tv remotes, switches, door handles, devices and cover the bathroom area.

  1. Bathroom / Toilet

Give special attention to the bathroom and toilet area and remove all the traces of the previous customers. Replace the towels and shower curtains.

professional hotel cleaning tips

  1. Replace all the used Items

Replace all the used things from the room including tea bags, coffee bags, signboards, and used soap covers. Put some fresh flowers on the flower wash and replace the new room freshener.

  1. Put the pillow covers and sheets back

Cover the sofa, pillows, and bed with new covers and bed sheets and check the look of the bed.

  1. Vacuum / Mopping

Always keep vacuum as the last process in your checklist and check all the carpets and floors for any damage or stains.  Remove the spots and stains occurs from the food spills and mop the floor.

  1. Switch on the Ac

Once done check the room with all your cleaning checklist and switch on the AC and room freshener.