Pro cleaning Tricks for your Room

Pro cleaning Tricks for your RooM

Room cleaning may be the boring task for some persons, but once you know the tricks suggested by our cleaning services team then you will handle it in an enthusiastic and quick manner. If you imagine the cleaning work as a serious thing then it will be a burden for you. So, take the cleaning process as interesting by motivating yourself by playing good music and create a clear checklist to tackle the room cleaning process like a pro cleaner.

Take a room cleaning as your favorite game and clearly list out the tasks along with the time period and then start your cleaning work. First handle the big tasks like decluttering, dusting, and then move into simple cleaning works like vacuuming and floor cleaning.

The only thing you have in your mind is your room should be a sparkle like a new room after your cleaning process.

How to clean your room step by step tips

STEP 1: Create a checklist for Cleaning your room 

Creating a checklist is the progressing way for the cleaning task. So, you can clearly organize things according to your cleaning. After creating prioritize the tasks from the lowest to highest based on the mess and dirt. The checklist helps you to cover all the areas in your room without any skips.

Pro cleaning Tricks

The checklist
  1. Take all the bedsheets and pillow covers and put them for laundry
  2. Hamper all the dirty clothes
  3. Pick up all the things like shocks, waste papers from the floor
  4. Clean all the electronic appliances
  5. Collect all the trashes
  6. Clean top the table and wardrobe
  7. Clean your bathroom area and toilets
  8. Wipe off all the windows and room mirrors
  9. keep everything in the right place
  10. Mopping/ Vacuuming the floor

While cleaning tick off each task once you have done that helps to track your cleaning process without missing any assigned cleaning task.

STEP 2:  Deep clean your room 

Start your cleaning process in a fresh mind and switch on your favorite playlist for entertainment. Start your cleaning process by cleaning your bed. Once you clean your bed and make the things in a perfect way, your entire room will look fine. Replace your bedsheets and pillow covers with a new one and place the removed bedsheets, towels, blankets, and pillow covers into the laundry basket.

Pro cleaning Tricks for your Room

After making the bed collect all the clothes and put the dirty clothes into the laundry basket and fold the cleaned one into your wardrobe.

Take the dirty dishes like coffee cups, dinner plates, soup bowl back to your kitchen. This prevents the bad smell and stops the entry of pests like ants and house flies into your house.

STEP 3: Mopping / Vacuuming the floor

Now take a fine microfiber cloth and dip in any cleaning solution or in the warm water then give the gentle wipe to the room hold things like electronic devices, furniture, and window glass. Extra care should be needed while cleaning the mirrors.

After wiping arrange and place all the things in the desired location

After arranging the things your room will look fine and the last step is cleaning your floor.

If your floor is carpeted go for vacuum cleaning or else mop the floor with chemical-free liquids and give a sparkling look for your room.