5 secret ways to keep your house clean

5 secret ways to keep your house clean

The main secret to keep your house clean for the whole day is to handle simple cleaning tasks as a regular routine. So, there are fewer chances of messes and dirt around your house. Most of the housewives feel if they spend the whole Saturday to clean their entire house and when Monday comes the house looks like no cleaning is done on Saturday.

To keep your house clean and tidy for every day you must spend just 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening before bed, to make your house look clean and neat for the whole week.

Secrets to keeping a clean house

Make a perfect plan for the cleaning process and schedule the checklist before starting the cleaning. Anything with the perfect plan makes everything simple and easy. So, schedule the plan with the guidance of cleaning services and clean your house based on the scheduling to keep your home to look clean for the whole week.


5 secret ways to keep your house clean

1. Clean your bed

 The most important part of your bedroom is your bed, unfolded bedsheet and messy bed makes your bedroom look harder. So properly tuck your bedsheets and make your bed perfect while your wake-up. It takes just 2mins work that helps to make your bedroom look neat and tidy for a whole day. Launder your bedsheet and pillow cover once in a week.

2. Empty your sink

After your make, your bed perfects now its time to move on to your kitchen, keep this as a regular routine to make your dishwasher busy for every morning, don’t let any dishes on your sink. It takes only 5 minutes. If your sink is overloaded with the dishes then your entire kitchen will look messy. You can do this while blending a morning coffee.

 3. Clean your kitchen after every meal

 After preparing every meal to load the dishes on your dishwasher and give a gentle wipe on your counters to keep away the insects and stains.  Throw away the food if ant left and clean your stovetop that helps to keep your kitchen place clean for the whole day. To treat heavy stains, use scrubber along with the cleaning liquids.

keep your house clean

 4. Laundry Task

Loading laundry on a daily basis is one of the best ways of lifestyle. Don’t Dump your place with uncleaned messy clothes that make a bad odor. Do it after loading the dishes on your dishwasher. It takes only a few seconds to load all the cloths. Same time after drying fold the cloth and place in a separate cabin or wardrobe. 

 5. Wiping

Give a gentle wipe for your living place including windows, doors, mirrors, shower handles, furniture, sink, and photo frames. This will take only 5- 10 minutes. Spending time for wiping is the worth thing that makes your place clean for the whole week. while wiping use some natural cleaning liquids or chemical-free cleaning liquids to remove the stains and dirt. Especially for cleaning the window mirror spray the liquids directly on the window or dip the wiping sponge on the cleaning liquids and give a gentle wipe.