Steam cleaning Ideas For clean Home

steam cleaning Ideas for Your home

steam cleaner gives a great result in cleaning your living space and it makes your house a spotless clean in a single deep clean. The warm temperature comes from the steam cleaner will kill all the germs and bacteria in your home that helps to stay all the allergies and disease one step back from house members. Experts advise are to use the steam cleaner for house cleaning to get rid of bacteria and fungus and from some pests.


You can use steam cleaners to clean your floors, windows, mirrors and for your bathrooms. They are best for your bathroom tiles, grouts, tap fittings and for the kitchen area. You can also use steam cleaning to clean your carpet and upholstery. Not every steam cleaner will do a great job, there are some specific ones that will help you to handle different cleaning tasks, they are

Steam cleaner with handheld device

Handheld steam cleaners

You can use this steam cleaner to cover the small portions of your home. like tiles in your bathroom and kitchen, bathroom taps and showers, and windows. They are coming in lightweight so it’s hard to cover the larger area.

Steam Mops

With the help of steam mops, you can clean both small and large floors quickly and even you don’t need a bucket. Steam Mops is good for wooden floors, marbles, tiles and for ceramic stones. If you looking for both handheld steam cleaner and steam mop in a single appliance, some steam mops are there is a market that comes with the handheld. If you want to use handheld you can use along with steam mop otherwise you can detach it from the steam cleaner.

Cylinder steam cleaners

As per the name, the Cylinder steam cleaners look like a cylinder vacuum cleaner, which tackles both your house floors and windows with the help of accessories that comes along with it. It comes with a larger water tanker, so no need to refill the water often. Even the cylindrical steam cleaners come with amazing tools that help to clean your ovens, extractors, upholstery, and carpets.

A steam cleaner covers which type of floors?

steam cleaning process for bathroom

A steam cleaner covers all kind of floorings and also it covers carpet, the main thing is you need to check with the particular steam cleaner and its model. Wooden flooring requires a steam cleaner with the steam control, and all the floors are getting booted as fresh look after the steam cleaning. For a carpet, go for carpet glider accessory along with the steam cleaner to refresh your carpets.

Other tools Needed with steam cleaner for cleaning

  • Mop Pads- To handle all kind of flooring
  • Squeegee-  use to control the flow of any liquids
  • Grout Brush- to deal with the Grouts
  • Microfiber cloth- In case for spot clean for any stains