End of Tenancy cleaning Tips to get the full Deposit back

Tips to get full deposit

If you are moving to a rental property you will pay the house owner a deposit amount for the security in addition to the rent. The amount will be returned to you at the end of the lease period as mentioned in terms of the agreement.

Laws for Security Deposit

Your house owner must deposit your tenancy deposit amount in a government tenancy deposit   TDP scheme and you should register your deposit with any one of the services mentioned below

  • Deposit Protection policy
  • My Deposits Scheme
  • Tenancy Deposit service

When the landlord does not refund your security deposit in these cases

  • Unpaid rent
  • Excess damage
  • Cost for end of tenancy cleaning

1. Termination of the lease before the mentioned period 

If you end up the tenancy before the mentioned date, the house owner has the right to keep all security amount with them. In another case, some house owner returns only a half amount of security deposit.

2.Deny in rent payment

If you failed to pay the regular rent, the house owner has all the power to keep all the portion of the deposit amount.

3.Property Damage 

If you cause any damage to the landlord property, they have full rights to keep the deposit amount or else they will refund the balance amount after the deduction of billing for damaging property.

4. Unpaid bills 

If you failed to pay your bills like electricity use used, telephonic bill, maintenance bill, water bill, or some EMI and leaving your tenancy means the homeowners are responsible for those bills. So, in this case, they won’t refund your security deposit back to you.

To get full deposit amount Back you should follow 

  • Take pictures while Move-in

Before moving into the place you should take the photos of the entire building and mention previously damaged parts and make a note on that. This helps to recheck while you are leaving.

  • Carefully shift your belonging

Extra care should be taken while shifting your things to the rented building to avoid the damages.

  • Read the agreement terms

Read all terms and conditions listed in your tenancy agreement and follow the same.

  • Should be careful with costly furniture’s

Maintaining their furniture and sofas is necessary when you are

EOT tips to maintain house clean

leaving a check for the presence of wear and tears. In case if you found to fix it by yourself is the best option

  • Take care of walls

Don’t allow your kids to make paint or scribble on the walls or else you have to make a new painting or varnishing before you leave

  • On-Time payment

Regularly pay your rents and bills for every month without any pending

  • Clean, clean, clean

Clean regularly with the help of cleaning tips we mentioned in our blog and intimate your landlord early about your vacation.

  • Take pictures while Move -out

Take the pictures of the building to ensure that the building remains the same. Send one copy to your property owners for better clarification about the maintenance

  • Giveback keysEnd of Tenancy cleaning Tips

It’s the right time to hand over the keys to the landlords. And make regular follow up to get the full deposit amount back to your account