5 Easy ways to clean your wooden Furniture

easy ways to maintain the furniture

Home appliances are an important part of our home. Especially wooden furniture holds a lot of special and emotional memories.  Wooden furniture needs extra care and attention. You should remove the common stains, you can use mineral cleaning solutions instead of water, water may cause cracks to the furniture. If you found any water spills wipe off immediately with cotton wipes to avoid such cracking.

Method 1: Knowing about Varnishes

To get rid of the satins fast you can first understand the types of varnishes and finishing work

Oil Varnishing:

Oil coating is one of the best protective coatings that make the cleaning process to ease. The oil varnishing gives a better look and comes in water-resistant which makes furniture a glossy look. This gives your furniture a flatting look that adds royal look for all types of the woods.


  • To remove the normal dust, simply wipe off with a cotton damp cloth.
  • If the stain is too sticky, clean with a moist cloth and lets it dry soon.
  • For a shining look, apply a solvent cleaning solution after cleaning.

Resin Varnishing

Resin is a substance that strengthens the material of the wooden furniture. This gives natural looks to the products without changing the color of the wood. Resin varnish is made with plastics molds, mostly this type of varnish gives matt finishing look. The choice of resin makes you clean the furniture in less time.

clean all wooden furniture


  • Resin cleaning solutions are available in markets, make use of them.
  • Don use water to clean the resins, this will damage the matte finishing.
  • Gently wipe off the stains instantly and don’t leave the stains to leave for a long period.

Solvent Varnishing

This is a thinner compound that allows resin and varnishes to apply easily to the furniture. It is used to absorb the varnish paints easily and it makes the harden varnishes to evaporate quick. It is not a good choice for all wooden materials. It comes in a liquid substance and it gives mild and thinner coats.


  1. Use softy and smooth sponge or cloth to dust the furniture
  2. Avoid the usage of brush, because it makes light scratches to the wooden material.
  3. If you found any citric acid damage, clean it quickly within a minute. The citrus may affect the layer of the wooden texture.

Cleaning wooden furniture

Method 2: with the help of tea bags you can easily maintain the wood shine naturally.

  • Dip the tea bags in water and make it boil
  • Take the bag and let it cool and
  • Now start rubbing on the affected surface

Method 3: clean the wooden surfaces with a soft cloth which avoids the scratches

Method 4: sprinkle some baking soda without adding the water. Leave it for sometimes and with hand duster removes the soda particles from the wooden surface. It is used to eliminate food falls and coffee spills.

Method 5: Use a toothbrush to clean the suborn stains. Dip in a mild solution and move in a circular motion smoothly. Then gently dap with a smooth cloth to get rid of stains.

Follow this simple way to know how to clean them to maintain the furniture and make the task to ease. You can easily get rid of the stains like ink spilling, nail polish spills, and other handprints from your wooden furniture as a decorative for your home