DIY cleaning Steps for your shower Head

Shower head cleaning

Your showerhead desires a deep clean to get rid of mineral build-ups and water clogs. The holes in your shower may be clogged with some mineral deposits.

We elucidate the methods of cleaning your shower head in simple ways

Step 1 Gather all tools

Before starting the cleaning process, take off the showerhead from the pipe and soak it in warm water and gather your tools to be used for cleaning up.

Needed tools

A bucket full of water

  • A White vinegar
  • Toothbrush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Baking soda

Step 2 Remove the Shower Head 

For cleaning the showerhead, you must remove it first from the pipe by twisting it from the connecting area in an anticlockwise direction. If you found any difficulty while removing the use of the tool to handle it. Sometimes the rust made on shower head made it too tight. So, for that spray some oil on the fitting area and try to remove after 15 mins.

Step 3 Put the showerhead in the bucket 

Cleaning Tips for shower head

Now fill the bucket with warm water and put the showerhead. Make sure to use the small bucket or container so that the showerhead easily gets fit. So, use the small bucket, tin or container apt to the showerhead.

Step 4 Pour the white vinegar to a bucket

Pour the little amount of vinegar to the bucket and mix well. The acid in the vinegar helps to eliminate the mineral deposit in the showerhead.

Step 5 Let it soak for some time

Let the showerhead to soak in the vinegar to eliminate the heavy soiled clogs in the showerhead, the longer you will have to leave gives your metal a sparkling clean and shine. Before leaving it on vinegar, test the small area of shower head with few drops of vinegar to ensure there is no metal allergy. If you found the hard to clog, repeat the process one time to get rid of grime build-up.

Step 6 scrub it with a toothbrush

Treat the holes with a toothbrush, to eliminate the strong build-up. Gently scrub the base with the toothbrush and rinse with warm water. Keep repeating to get rid of all dirt.

Step 7 Rinse it with warm water

Tips to clean shower head

After scrubbing rinse the showerhead with the warm water. This helps to wash away any rested grimes speedily.

Step 8 wipe off the showerhead with cloth

With the help of microfiber cloth dry out the showerhead. Entirely Wipe off the showerhead and make sure there are no water droplets found on the metal surface.

Step 9 put the showerhead back to the pipe

Now put the showerhead to the pipe back in a counter-clockwise direction. Wrap the threaded portion with the help of plumping tape.

Step 10 Turn the water on 

Turn on the water flow this will eliminate the balance residue.

Other Tips to clean Shower Head
  1. With the help of pins, you can treat the clogging minerals
  2. If it is removable, you can add baking soda before dipping it into the vinegar.
  3. Pour virgin coconut oil on the threading area to avoid the rest forming.
  4. check the type of metal before using acid agents.

Follow these steps and add a new look to your shower, so you can spend more time in your bathroom while enjoying the shower in a relaxing way.