Top Green Cleaning Tips for Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Green Cleaning Tips for kitchen

A green cleaning Kit for a kitchen is an excellent choice for cleaning.  It is safe for foods and it doesn’t create any odor and it doesn’t create any harm to kitchen appliances and kitchen surfaces. Baking soda and vinegar combination is the best green cleaning products.  These are the basic green cleaning ingredients that help to make your kitchen clean and shine. Modern and chemical kitchen cleaning products are too expensive and it creates the environmental harm that affects your health. So we provide environmental friendly tips and make some simple changes with kitchen ingredients.

You may also keep lemon and mint oil with you for some cleaning for the natural odor and to keep away some common pests.

When comes to kitchen cleaning there are lots of common and repeated stuff out there, with that we listed some interesting and new tricks in a natural way of maintaining and cleaning the kitchen.

  1. Don’t Buy Wipes go for reusable cloths

Reusable cloths are harmless and eco-friendly than one-time usable wipes. Instead of disposable, reusable gloves or cloths is more secure and you can reuse just by washing it with soapy water. This will helps to save your money too.

  1. Ammonia- free substances

Always go for ammonia-free cleaning products. Our advice is to choose the ingredients from the kitchen itself. Baking soda is an excellent cleaning product that makes your kitchen a stunning look.

  • Sprinkle some baking soda between kitchen tiles and leave it for some time
  • Same time spray some baking soda mixed with warm water to clean the kitchen walls
  • With the help of an old toothbrush, gently scrub the stubborn dirt deposit and marks on the kitchen wall.
  • Pour some baking soda and hot water in your drains to avoid blockages and bad odor.
  • Then now go for Mopping with natural warm water

lenon and vinegar for green kitchen cleaning

  1. Combination of lemon & Vinegar

To Treat a bad smell around your kitchen, boil some lemon in water and let few drops of vinegar to the boiling water. The vapor comes from the substance makes your kitchen a fresh smell. Some other usages are

To clean your kitchen appliances, pour some solution mix of vinegar and lemon and let it for some time and wipe with reusable cloths.

Heat the vinegar and oil and pour that solution to your drain to avoid blockage and rust in your sinks.

  1. check for “non – toxic “labels while buying cleaning products

while buying commercial kitchen cleaning products check the labels for nontoxic and select the right product to make your kitchen an eco-friendly environment. some toxic cleaning agents make your home appliances to face some risky damages.

  1. Kitchen Ingredients for Cleaning

kitchen ingredients for  green kitchen cleaning

You can make your kitchen an eco-friendly environment with the help of basic kitchen ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, mint oil, and vinegar.

  • Boil cinnamon in water and add some lemon
  • Take the solution in a sprayer
  • It is a good cleaning substance for kitchen tiles and stoves
  • Even to clean a microwave oven, in a cup of water pour some vinegar, lemon drops, and cardamom and bring all to boil.
  • This will clean the entire micro oven and eliminate the smells too.