Professional Tips for Office Cleaning

Professional Tips for Office Cleaning

For most hardworking people, the office is their second home. So having a clean and well-organized office is paramount to be more productive and organized. Below are some office cleaning tips that will ensure you enjoy your stay in the office

  1. Mark your equipment for Proper Usage and Sustainability
  2. Practice Modern Storage of Documents
  3. Avoid eating at your office desk
  4. Regularly clean counters and desks in the office
  5. Clean Computers and Electronic
  6. Recycling and Garbage bins
  7. Cleaning shared common areas
  8. Walk-in as a Client in your office
  9. Hire Professionals (Outsourcing)


  • Mark your equipment for Proper Usage and Sustainability

Mark machines in your office, depending on their regular usage or storage. For example, you can use different colors to different devices that need to be turned off after particular hours and to those that need to remain on all the time. This will help office cleaners who often are the last to leave the office to manage office equipment and avoid wastefulness.

  • Practice Modern Storage of Documents

One way of reducing clutter in the office is by digitalizing as many documents as possible. This will save space as electronic records don’t need physical space. For those remaining create a systematic way of storing them.

  • Avoid eating at your office desk

tips to maintain clean officeIt is unhealthy to take meals at your office desk; this is because it is not sterile the same way a designated eating environment should be. It’s also healthy for the brain, so make use of the lunch break to change position by taking your lunch in eating designated area.

  • Regularly clean counters and desks in the office

Workspaces like desks and shelves are the greatest culprits when it comes to gathering clutter in the office. Ensure these areas are regularly cleared of gathering clutter. A study by Dr. Toby Smithson of the American Dietetic Association indicates an office desk gathers over 400 times more bacteria (that’s including Salmonella and E.coli) than the average toilet seat. Therefore an office and counter desk should be regularly disinfected and cleared of clutter.

  • Clean Computers and Electronic

Most office electronics reduce life and function because of dust. Dust gathers in our offices every day whether we see it or not. Computer expert Shawn Knight suggests the use of dry cloth to clean out any dust or dirt on computers and electronics on daily basis.

  • Recycling and Garbage bins

Have specific bins in the office designated for collecting office clutter and for collecting leftover foods. Food waste begins to rot almost immediately, attracting flies and gnats very quickly. Hence a food bin should be emptied daily while a clutter bin can be emptied when it fills up.

  • Cleaning shared common areas

tips for office cleaningThere are common shared areas in the office, like corridors, windows, doors. Cleaning office common areas require delegation. This calls for preparing a schedule and consistent system that involves every user so that it becomes a shared responsibility.

  • Walk-in as a Client in your office

Be your own critic, walk to your office as a client, and assess your office. Do you see what you would like your clients to see? If need be re-arrange and clean up any visible dirt and dust. This will surely boost your confidence when attending to clients.

  • Hire Professionals (Outsourcing)

Sometimes work schedules can become so tight, or you may have shifted to a larger office, making it hard to keep up with regular office cleaning. At this point, you can outsource the services of professional commercial office cleaners. Professional cleaners like Quality Cleaning Services will do a thorough cleaning from the top, down, and every loop and corner of your office. The cleaning can be scheduled weekly on a day there is less movement from clients so that office routines can carry on normally.

In conclusion, from the above point’s regular office cleaning is essential. To also make cleaning easier, every office user should be responsible. There should ensure anything being used in the course of work is returned at its rightful place after use. Contact Quick Cleaning for all type of residential and commercial cleaning services in London.