Tips to clean ceiling and floor quickly

Routine basis of cleaning your ceilings and walls gives fresh look every day and no need to worry about mass cleaning for sudden function and special occasion. Mostly ceilings and walls are painted with latex paint and waterproofed. So, handling the cleaning process is not too tough. You can use all types of cleansing for your ceiling for the heavenly look.

Materials Required for Cleaning

  1. Water bucket
  2. Hand duster
  3. Spray bottle
  4. Dishwasher
  5. Paint roller
  6. Long-handled duster
  7. Microfiber cloth
  8. Mop
  9. Cleaning brush
  10. Ladder

Cleanings procedure for ceiling

It’s the best advice for cleaning your ceiling first before cleaning the flooring you don’t need to mop twice. Cover your furniture, carpet area, and wall hangings to prevent from fallings dirt while dusting the ceiling. Having long-handled duster is best for cleaning the ceiling wall instead of using a ladder.

easy Tips to clean ceiling

Here we suggested the cleaning tips for both textured and flat ceilings.

For Texture Ceilings: Nowadays for the reason of fashion most people prefer textured ceilings. Cleaning the texture ceilings makes an extra risk because more dust is rested on the curves and bends.

Take a long-handled bristled brush or roller brush to remove the light dust and you can use the vacuum to handle heavy oily dust and grease.

 For Flat Ceilings:

Flat ceilings are easy to handle while cleaning, it takes less amount of time when compared to texture ceilings. With the help of long-handled roller dust, the ceiling and then take a mixture of cleaning liquid and warm water in a spray bottle. Gently spray the area and with the help of microfiber cloth dab the area to remove the foamy solution. You can use a paint roller instead of microfiber.

Cleaning Procedure for Floor

tips for cleaning your floor

After cleaning the ceiling, your floor looks too messy and greasy. The dust from the ceiling makes your floor additional dust. Here we provide a procedure to clean your floor as crystal clean. Before wet mopping, Sweep your floor with broom or brush to eliminate the fallen dust.  If you have carpet on the floor, before dusting the ceiling make sure to cover your carpet area or fold your carpet area to prevent it from dust.

Step 1: Cover your flooring area while dusting the ceiling if you found more ceiling dust. Take a covering sheet and spread it over floor corner to corner.

Step 2: If you missed covering the flooring area, don’t be too worried about the cleaning. you can quickly get your crystal clean floor.

Step 3: Vacuum the floor to clean the fallen dust. Take the bucket full of warm water and start mopping the floor with water without adding a solution

Step 4: Now go for foamy washing. Take any of your favorite cleaning solutions and mix with water and start mopping for the second time.

Step 5: Let your floor to dry


Keep dusting your ceilings once in a month for ease maintained. Spot clean is best to treat sudden stains. Inspect your ceiling and wall a few minutes for every week will reduce the stubborn dust.