Tips to keep the carpets clean from pets at your home

Tips to keep the carpets clean from pets

We noticed various complaints from the House owners about the carpets in a pets friendly home. Here are top tips to keep your carpet clean and fresh all-day and no need to give up your pet.

The tips asserted here are tried and tested by our consumers 

  1. Groom your pets

Clean your pets regularly to keep your carpets perfect. Give them a proper shampoo wash to see the difference. The first starts with paws. Usually, dirt and dust enter into the carpet area from their paws. So gently clean the paws of pets with the handy towel whenever they return to the living area from outer. Extra care should be taken on sludgy days. Some breeds need regular trimming. Also, check their nails regularly cut their nails to avoid damage to your carpet fabric.

  1. Placing Runners

Don’t let your pets directly on to your carpets. Use some attractive runners on high traffic Pet area to avoid the damage to your carpets. So, keep notice and let your pet’s position mostly on runners, not on your carpets.

  1. Regular Vacuum 

Vacuum frequently to keep your carpets away from pets dirt like fallen hair, their wastes, etc.

  1. Take actions immediately

Keep pet stain remover with you always to remove the stains caused by pets. So immediately take action to clean whenever your pets made an accident with your living area and especially on your carpets. If you don’t care about the things, then the solids stains may be on the carpet for a long time and will be tough to remove.

  1. Have a stare at them

Always have an eye on your pets. What they are doing and how they behave. Sometimes they accidentally cause damage to your carpets by biting on the edge or make a spot on the carpets. If you are watching them regularly may avoid this kind of issue.Tips to keep the carpets clean from pets

  1. Check what they chewing 

It’s too important to check the foods that you feed to your pets. Always go for natural and non-colored food. The artificial colors may cause stains to your carpet. So to keep your carpets from messy buy good food products for them.

  1. Separate station for pets

Placing your pets in separate play stations out from your living area is another great option to keep your carpets in good condition. Set the perfect house for your pets with all the necessary furniture. so, you can minimize the pet traffic in your carpet area.

  1. Check out pets stuff

Regularly inspect the pet’s things like their bed, bowl, toys, and tags. It helps to keep away from some bad odors. Wash everything regularly and use it after the things dried out. It helps to keep your carpets clean and kills the bad odors.

  1. Keep fresh

Sometimes pets smell will affect the energy in your living area so Keep your pets always fresh and neat. Get some pet perfume and use it whenever you feel some bad smells or unpleasant feelings. Keep all your windows open and let some fresh air into the pet’s area. This automatically helps you to feel fresher.

    10. call professionals

Call for carpet professionals once in a year to maintain your carpet fresh as while you bought.