5 tips to Maintain the carpets clean all through the Day

Nothing feels better in your home than your carpet. The carpets are similar to textiles. Before buying the carpets go for a trial from the manufactures and select the best quality which brings extra beauty to your living space. Choosing a color also the main concern, go for some selected colors that matching your house wall color.  Some fabrics got easily fade out in the sunlight of Ultraviolet rays. It is better to buy dark colors if you have pets or children, light colors create more attention for maintenance.  So before buying do some research and then move for the shop.

Make sure to read the maintenance manual and guidelines that help to keep your carpet in high standard. Here are some tips are given by professional cleaner to maintain the carpets clean all through the day.

Things to remember while buying the new carpets 

  • Color
  • Size
  • Fabrics
  • Return policy
  • Warranty
  • Density
  • Cost variation
  • Style and texture
  • Quality

Regular Vacuum

A good vacuum cleaner carpets best friend, use the vacuum regularly for a better look. Small dust particles dull the carpet color appearance. Frequent vacuuming will help to maintain fiber good appearance and extends its life . Periodically use vacuum in different angels and check airflow.

Doormats / Runners 

Doormats and runners add extra attractive look for your house and lots of theme base door mats and runners are available in the market. Use both indoor mats/outdoor mats to avoid the spreading of dust or muds in the carpet.  Cleaning the doormats also important to keep your carpet safe.

carpet maintenance tips
Shoes on Rack

Always keep your shoes outside the doorstep. It helps to reduce the dust incoming and your carpets escape from those kinds of specks of dust. Attractive notice boards are available in the market with the caption of “Please keep out your shoes” “keep your shoes here” “please take off your shoes “. This signing board or hangings alerts you and your guests to keep their shoes on the rack

Treat Stains with Eco-friendly Products 

To keep your house environment safe it’s better to go for natural cleaning products

Step 1: Always keep white vinegar, Baking soda, spray bottle,  lemon essential oils and scrubbing sponges.

Step 2: Now take one cup of water and add one cup of vinegar one cup of baking soda salt, and 5 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle and shake well.

Step 3: sprinkle baking in stains and spray our solution and wipe off with moist cotton.

Step 4: leave it for dry and always keep out of sunlight

Spot test 

using chemical solution may cause damage or fade to treat this, the first test in a small area of your carpet and absorb for some time if you didn’t notice any color change then you continue with the product and if you spot any damage immediately call a nearby professional.

Call Professional twice a month 

The manufacturer provides free cleaning up to some mentioned years. So utilize that possibility to know more tricks about the cleaning and maintenance of the carpets.

For healthier and gem free home you should take care of carpet maintenance and cleaning.