Tips to Speed up your Cleaning Process

Tips to speed up the cleaning

The cleaning process makes you feel relax and happier and a dust-free environment provides a better living. Removing the dirt and dust sometimes takes more time and some time cleaning process lets you spend all your time. So, we provide some quick cleaning process to speed up the cleaning.  In the end, you can make your cleaning process in the maximum time of 10 to 15 mins instead of a whole day.

 Bath-Room area

These steps help you to refresh your Bath-room area within 10 mins


Tips to speed clean

  • First to clear the countertops with the cleaning solution to make your cleaning process to ease. Then spray the region with the cleaner, allow the solution to sit for a while to get the clear sparkling look.
  • With the help of damp cloth or microfiber cloth wipe off the surface of the bathroom. Pay special attention to the bathroom mirrors and tap handles. If you found any hard grime or deposits, sprinkle some quantity of baking soda and rub it with the help of a damp cloth.
  • Now concentrate on your toilet area, brush the sink, seating, then inside the bowl, base and the floor with the disposable wipes and then trash the cleaning wipes immediately.
  • Make sure to wipe off your switchboard, the most handled area in your bathroom. One quick swipe removes all dirt out.


with the help of wet wipes or towel spot clean your kitchen area starts from the stovetop, tables, and home appliances including fridge, washing machine, and dishwasher. Repeat it daily to keep your kitchen free from dirt and dust.

  • Always make your kitchen sink to shine. If you found any blocking food wastes in your sink, scoop out immediately from the sink filter with the help of any handling material, then pour some cleaning solution on the drain area and wipe off with a paper towel.
  • Inspect the kitchen cabinet area, appliances, and walls for any stains or marks. If you spot any wipe off quickly with the sponge first and later, you can do a deep cleaning.
  • For the microwave, pour some water and few drops of vinegar into a bowl, place the bowl into a microwave and allow it to heat for 30 seconds. This will loosen any food deposit and eliminate the food smell from the oven, so you can easily wipe it off without handle any scrubbing.


speed up your cleaning

  • With the help of hand duster made with microfiber, you can quickly clean all the dirt deposits on the tables, chairs and open cupboards, frames, windows, and household appliances like television, radio telephone and so on.
  • And for a ceiling, use a long-handled duster and catch any dust hanging on the ceiling fans and lights.
  • With the help of the vacuum, clean the carpets and sofas in your living area.
  • Now collect the dust like hair and other waste deposit on the cushion, sofa bed, and some fuzz over a rug. Instead of sweeping a regular vacuum helps to maintain your living area clean all through the day.
  • If mopping needs, mop the floor twice a week to maintain the sparkling.