Top 5 Deep cleaning checklist for Hotel room cleaning

Deep cleaning checklist for Hotel room cleaning

A clean and tidy hotel room is a clear projection of your hotel’s uniqueness. Probably the guests will wish to stay in a pleasant and clean environment. Guests never forget about the hotel experience in their lifetime. So, to keep your guest as a regular customer, you must take the necessary steps to keep your hotel room clean and make your brand as their priority.

To get more positive feedback on the review portal the hotel room needs to be clean in an efficient way. To make the work perfect deep cleaning checklist is the great option to complete the hotel room cleaning process without skipping any new places.

A right room cleaning checklist helps to reduce the inspection times and reduce the working time of your housekeeping team. A deep cleaning checklist makes the customer happy that leads to positive comments and also, they will recommend your hotel for others.

 Now cleaning the hotel room becomes an interesting task for housekeeping team after the revised checklist for deep cleaning

Hotel room cleaning checklist

Deep cleaning checklist for Hotel Room

1.Change Bed covers and Mattresses

  • Remove bedsheets, linens, pillows, and mattress from the bed
  • Put pillow covers and bed covers to wash
  • Remove the mattresses from the cot
  • Dust the cot and remove the dust, soil and check the mattresses for stains or any damages.
  • With the help of vacuum clean the mattress in a fine manner without any dirt
  • Now make the deb with a clean mattress, covered with new linens and pillow cover.
  1. Dusting the ceiling areas

  • With the help of extended hand duster or long feathered duster clean the walls, windows, doors, fans, lights, and other wall hangings.
  • Next concentrate of devices like routers, AC, air fresher, wall clocks, and other light fittings. Just give a single wipe with the help of the damp cloth.
  • Use step ladder for non-accessible areas

Deep cleaning checklist for Hotel Room

  1. cleaning the furniture items

  • Take all cushions and vacuum the sofa.
  • Wipe off the dining table and coffee table to remove the stains and any food spills.
  • Wipe off the door handles and mirrors in a room including the bathroom mirror.
  • Clean all the cupboards and wipe of the drawers for the neat look and check all the drawers are working fine or else report to the management.
  • Give gentle wipe for other decorative furniture and spray some water for indoor plants.
  1. cleaning floor and walls

  • With the help of mild multi-purpose cleaning agent gently clean the walls without scrubbing
  • Remove the stains and other marks by using the stain remover.
  • After wiping dry the walls by using the cotton white cloth.
  • For flooring, sweep the floor before vacuuming and mopping
  • Clean the tile floor or wooden floor by mopping and carpet flooring by vacuuming.
  1. Make the room fresh

  • Take off any used items like shower gel, toothpaste, soap, and replace them with new items for the new guest.
  • Make the bathroom perfect and give a spa look.
  • Give a gentle wipe to electronic gadgets.
  • Refill the air freshener for the pleasant smell.