Weekly cleaning schedule to keep your house clean

weekly cleaning plan for house

In your busy lifestyle, cleaning your house is one of the major tasks that make you reschedule all your programs. House cleaning needs some special period so you can track on all the cleaning process without skipping anything else. Everyone starts their week with a mostly clean and fresh house. In midweek, you realize some excess laundry, some office bags and sports bags on your bed and at the end of the week dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

So, at the weekend, your house turns like a disaster tract, so you need to tackle everything on your week off without taking any rest or spend days with your family and friends. Then cycling again starts from day one of the weeks.

We provide some home cleaning tips to schedule the cleaning process for the whole week. So, you can easily track your works without missing any tasks and at the end of the week, you can make yourself busy with your friends and outing.

Weekly cleaning schedule that helps you to clean and maintain your living space for a sparkling appearance


  1. Monday 

At the beginning of the week, tackle all your laundry cloths and keep folding in a specific area in a wardrobe, so that all of your clothes are clean and ready to wear for the whole week.

Arrange your kitchen things and cooking wares ready and also make a weekly meal planning chart so you can easily prepare foods for the whole week.

Replace all your room fresher on to get the fresh feel for the entire week.

  1. Tuesday

Give a deep clean to your bathroom and toilet area. Empty all the trash from now it’s the time to wash your hand towels and bath towels.

Also, take care of your doormats today, clean all your mats and carpet area.

  1. Wednesday

Wednesday is for your living area. Deep clean your living area from top to bottom and make a fresh and neat look. The cleaning includes decluttering, vacuuming, mopping, dusting the ceiling.

Now turn the attention to your entryway, sweep the entranceway, arrange shoe racks clean all furniture in the living area.

  1. Thursday

Focus on your bedroom on Thursday. Clean the surface and change the bedsheets and pillow covers. Dust-up the wall frames and digital devices in your bedroom.

  1. Fridayclean your house weekly

The day is for your kitchen area. Keep everything in order and wipe off any specks of dust you found on the stovetop.

Clean your sink area, household mirrors, and window glass.

Mop the kitchen floor and make sure to trash the food wastes.

  1. Saturday

Now you have done everything, so on Saturday you just take care of your home appliances.

Simply wipe off the dust and now save huge time for rest and fun

In the free time take a list of the grocery and essential things you need to purchase.

  1. Sunday 

Take the full day for yourself by taking proper rest and involving yourself for the spa and self-grooming. so that you can welcome the next week with a fresh feel and smile.